Organizational change capability a competitive advantage

Organizational change capability a competitive advantage
Organizational change capability

The value of an organization will be measured by its capability to change

Given the economy’s continued volatility and uncertainty, the pace, scale and complexity of organizational change initiatives continue to escalate in organizations around the globe.

These are scary times for leaders in many companies. Even before the internet and globalization, their track record for dealing with major, disruptive change was not impressive. One thing is certain: change is no longer something that happens periodically. It’s continuous, constant and needs to be successfully managed.

A company that is adept at managing change remains agile and can continuously generate sustainable competitive advantage

It’s not that leaders can’t see disruptive changes coming. In many cases they can. What many leaders lack is a habit of thinking about their organization’s capabilities as carefully as they think about individual people’s capabilities.

To succeed consistently, leaders need to be skilled not just in assessing people but also in assessing the abilities and disabilities of their organization as a whole.

Organizational change capability will be a competitive advantage

No matter how cliché, change seems to be the only constant. Organization’s must be able to anticipate, respond to and react to various change catalysts to move their organization forward and be in the best position to succeed.

In order to ensure that change will be accepted and embraced, leaders must address three tough questions: “Does the organization have what it takes to effectively execute change on a continual basis?”, “What are the change capabilities?” and “How can they be leveraged for competitive market advantage?”

But organizational culture is like an iceberg, with most of its weight and bulk below the surface. Ignoring what’s below the organization’s surface is what will ultimately undermine organizational transformation. So DON’T leave it unattended!


Organizational change capability a competitive advantage


Change agility – or organizational agility – should be a top priority on any executives agenda. One of the most critical enablers of change agility is an organizational change management capability.


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  1. Prof. Anjan Kumar Bhattacharjee. 11 months ago

    The real good organisation design is to create a “Flexible modular organisation” which is market demand oriented. The modules recombine and create new modular combination at a very short notice from the market signal. This needs a constant on going help from in-house ” Business process reorganization” or BPR which updates every process according to the market demand and keep obsolescence at bay.

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