Shaping strategy in a world of accelerating disruption

Shaping strategy in a world of accelerating disruption

Posted by Torben Rick | October 30, 2011 | Change Management

A world of accelerating disruption

In just a few decades we have witnessed the transition from an industrial, nation based, resource-orientated economy to a global, networked, knowledge-intensive economy.

Organizations, and the people within them, must constantly re-invent themselves to remain competitive. Sustaining success depends on an organization’s ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Work through disruption

At a recent Nokia event Stephen Elop (CEO), had a few minutes chat with an old associate, Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch. Their conversation covered innovation, how to effectively manage employees and teams, and what it is like to work through disruption.

Creative disruption

Below an interesting interview with Simon Waldman about “Creative disruption”:


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