Use storytelling to communicate corporate values

Use storytelling to communicate corporate values
Use storytelling to communicate corporate values

The value and power of storytelling

The value and power of storytelling is universal across cultures, across disciplines and over time.

Many corporate communication plans fail to convey something fundamental to a company’s operations: its values. This is a missed opportunity to influence and energize employees. Here are three ways to communicate values in a meaningful way:

  • Establish values across the company – If everyone doesn’t feel ownership over them, the values lose meaning quickly
  • Ask employees to help – Seek their input on how well the company is living up to its values. Involve them in keeping the company accountable
  • Live your values – Actions speak louder than words. Be mindful of the values in every decision you make and use them to explain your motivations.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool when you want to communicate your company’s values. Internally, storytelling is what motivates and engages your employees, and helps them to buy in to the values of your company.

Stories let people decide for themselves – one of the great secrets of true influence. Other methods of influence – persuasion, bribery or charismatic appeal are push strategies – stories are pull strategy – Anette Simmons “The Story Factor”

Storytelling about the value “respect and trust” (Danish):


Storytelling can be used to inspire employees to change, to share values, and to transfer not just knowledge, but experience and wisdom as well. Storytelling can be an important part of organizational alignment – the glue for achieving better performance.

Good luck with your own story!

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  1. Joan eddie 3 years ago

    Storytelling is indeed a valuable methodology in creating trust and strategic thinking within the corporate culture. It triggers the limbic part of the brain which is associated with emotion, therefore, effecting decision making.

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