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The impact of bad customer service experience

The social media world has turned into a venue where really upset people who used to never really have a voice now have a way to make your company suffer for making them upset. Customer service may have always been technically important, but today it is amplified by the power of “word of click“.

Word of mouth

Everyone has heard of “word of mouth”. It’s a grassroots style of marketing that uses the goodwill of current and future customers and magnifies it as much as possible.

Two things have changed with social media: First, the potential to have messages amplified is much higher – individuals can spread their message much more prolifically through social media than they ever could before through standard “word of mouth.” Second, businesses have a greater amount of control over not only how amplified their message is but also how they can monitor what’s being said.

It’s a “Word of Click” world

The “mouth” has been replaced by the “click.” It’s a “Word of Click” world, now, and businesses must be willing to use it if they want to truly take advantage of social media.

The power is growing. Every day people are becoming more influential as they listen to and guide each other through the internet and the businesses that rely upon it. We trust our peers. We believe in the words of regular people more than businesses. It’s The People vs Business, The People vs Government, The People vs Media.

Monitor and control sentiment through “word of click“

And this development is growing exponentially. Word of mouth is easier to both express as well as find thanks to the power of the click. Your customers online are reading reviews about you. Your customers in the store are posting reviews about you, often before they leave. Mobile ties in with social. Social ties in with local. Local ties in with mobile. It’s a circle of influence that is self-feeding and that has the ability to build upon itself with little or no effort.

Today, there is no longer a question of whether or not the power of the click has an effect on your business. The new question is: “How does your business monitor and control sentiment through “word of click“? “How do your business respond to negative “word of click“?

Source: Dilbert

Rather than try to sweep these unhappy customers under the rug, look at them as a challenge and an opportunity to improve your brand and leverage them for some publicity.

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