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As more and more businesses dive head-first into the raging waters of social media, having an official company policy surrounding individual tools and services is becoming increasingly more commonplace.

Social networks, if used correctly, can be a powerful tool. But it needs guidelines to cover on-line interaction with customers. Why?

  • Employees will have a clear idea of your position when it comes to social media so they will be able to communicate that to the outside world
  • Employees will feel empowered that they can leverage their social networks in support of their role, as well as for their professional careers
  • Companies will be legally protected from the possible misuse and misbehaviour of their employees online
  • Companies will appear more innovative, forward thinking and acknowledgeable of how social media has integrated through employees lives and the rest of the world
  • Employees will have a set of best practices and guidance while they venture into the social media world, so even the beginners have some reference guide to turn to

Official social media policies may vary as widely as company cultures do, but no matter what the nature of your business, it might be good practice to consider if you’re wading into social media waters in any strategic manner.

As you write your policy, consider these items:

  • Stay open to opportunities. Social media offers new options for business. Be open to how it can help you engage with your constituents, collaborate, solve problems, provide customer services, increase efficiency and more
  • Make sure your policy flexible enough to adapt as the world around you evolves
  • Keep it general. Social media isn’t just Facebook and MySpace. It includes blogs, groups and communities, file and link sharing, wikis, applications, mobile platforms and more. Set policies that apply to what exists now and what will exist in the future.

Last but not least remember to educate employees about the use of social media and its impact.

Below social media employee policy examples from different companies and organizations:

Organization Policy Title Template: Blogging and Social Media Policy Template: Internet and Email Policy
Baker & Daniels Social Media Policy
BBYO Staff/Volunteer Presence on Social Networking Sites
BT Forum Guidelines
Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Social Media Guidelines
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Share Your Story — Use and Access
Cicso Internet Postings Policy
City of Seattle Blogging Policy
Dell Online Policy
DePaul University Social Media Guidelines
Easter Seals Online Community Guidelines
Electronic Frontier Foundation How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)
eWay Direct Social Media Policy
Fairfax County, VA Facebook Comments Policy
Feedster Corporate Blogging Policy
Fellowship Church Personal Website and Weblog Policies
Fudder Netiquette
Gartner Public Web Participation Guidelines
Greteman Group Social Media Policy
Harvard Law School Terms of Use
Headset Brothers Social Media Policy
HP Code of Conduct
IBM Social Computing Guidelines
IBM Case Study: The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media
InQbation Government Policy Guidelines
Intel Social Media Guidelines
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Social Media Staff Guidelines
Iowa Hospital Association Comment Policy
Jaffe Template: Social Media and Social Networking Policies and Procedures
Judith Lindeau Template: Social Media Policy for Associations (Real Estate)
Kodak Social Media Tips
Media Law Resource Center Compilation of Legal Actions Against Bloggers
Microsoft Channel 9 Doctrine
Missouri Department of Transportation Post A Comment — Use Policy
National Public Radio (NPR) NPR News Social Media Guidelines
New Zealand State Services Commission Principles for Interaction with Social Media
Oce Social Computing Guidelines
Opera Employee Blogging Policy
Plaxo Communication (Blogging) Policy
Porter Novelli Our Social Media Policy
Rhetorica Blogging and Comment Policy
RightNow Social Web Employee Policy
Roanoke County, VA Social Media Policy
Robert Scoble Press FAQ
SAP Social Media Participation Guidelines 2009
Sentara Social Media Policy
Smithsonian Institution Web and New Media Strategy
Social Media Business Council Disclosure Policy Toolkit
SpareBank 1 Rules for Blogging
State of Delaware Social Media Policy
Sun Microsystems Guidelines on Public Disclosure
Sun Microsystems Alumni Blog Aggregation Additional Terms
Telstra 3 Rs of Social Media Engagement
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Blog Policies and Guidelines
The Well Community Guidelines
U.K. Government Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments
U.S. Air Force Air Force Blog Assessment
U.S. Air Force New Media and the Air Force
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Blogging at EPA for Greenversations
Unic Social Media Guidelines
Wal-Mart Twitter External Discussion Guidelines
Walker Art Center Blog Guidelines
Wells Fargo Community Guidelines
Workplace Fairness Off-Duty Conduct
Yahoo! Personal Blogging Policy

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