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Business Improvement – Culture Change – Change Management

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and culture change.

Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and bottom line growth.

Broad international experience from top management and board positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Change Management      /      Corporate Culture      /      Organizational Development      /      Strategy


“We are very fortunate to have Torben Rick as chairman of the board at AnyCom. We are a consulting company with focus on growth and Torben has been a great contributor in defining our strategy, establishing tools regarding economy, pipe-line, forecast etc. and helping us to establish a go to market strategy. Torben helps us seeing the overall picture and keeping focus on making long term decisions. Torben has managed to follow us closely and always push us a little further, which is very valuable. For a new company on the market it is of great importance to have Torben as a highly experienced member of the board. I am looking forward to working with Torben for many years to come.”

Jakob Johnsen - Partner and CEO AnyCom A/S

“Torben is an outstanding person to have as chairman on our Board of Directors. Torben has a great focus on management, simplification, development, and optimization improvement. In the strategy process Torben involves both the Board of Directors and the employees, which helps to create a good development and understanding of the elements in the strategy. I can warmly recommend Torben; he is highly professional competent, and an excellent facilitator, who in a positive and constructive way makes sure to get everyone heard.”

Poul Qvist Christensen - Partner AnyCom A/S

“Torben Rick is chairman of the board in AnyCom – independent consulting on communication infrastructure – since 2014 and he has already had a significant impact on defining goals, setting actions to reach the goals and monitoring our progress. Torben Rick’s main contributions so far has helped us develop monthly business progress reporting in a simple way – keep it simple but with a defined focus on sales and signed orders for the next quarter which is essential for maintaining constant and growing revenue. Secondly, Torben Rick has helped us to maintain focus on implementing our business strategy taking active part in workshops and pushing us in a friendly way towards our strategic goals. Torben Rick has been very valuable to our business so far, and I look forward continuing our common journey in AnyCom.”

Thomas Meyer Balle - Partner and CEO AnyCom A/S

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