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The cord cutting movement – Disrupt an entire industry

The cord cutting movement is gaining momentum

The cord cutting movement is gaining more and more momentum on the user side. Many people have simply opted out of pay TV services and limited their video consumption to alternatives available as over-the-top (OTT) services over their broadband connection.

They are relying on streaming content over the Internet from the likes of Netflix and Hulu, plus are accessing their local channels using an antenna.

The decision to opt out is driven by a number of inter-related factors, including services sold in too big bundles, the price for overall bundles being considered too high and the fact that more and more leisure time is being dedicated to non-TV services.

This trend will impact traditional content:

  • Traditional bundled TV services are about to go through a major transformation phase, affecting distributors as well as content owners
  • TV-as-a-Service in smaller packages, or even channel by channel, has high potential to become successful, especially among younger generations

Streaming running away from downloads

While music tastes and preferences are constantly evolving, amazingly what is also evolving is how consumers consume music – from concerts, to records, to CD’s, to downloads and now to streaming.

Future generations will never know about this unique relationship

It’s just seven years since Spotify emerged as a geeky-sounding Swedish start-up. Now Spotify can be accessed from over 300 devices through Spotify Connect. Streaming is taking over the music business.

Easily accessible from smartphones and tablets, subscription services are popular with people looking to try out new music without committing to buying a download or a physical CD. Consumers are attracted by a cheap, user friendly and legal alternative to pirated downloads.

Apple and YouTube’s entrance into the subscription streaming market this year will definitely change and accelerate the market considerably.

Disrupt an entire industry

This rapid transition the music industry is making to streaming is proof of just how powerful it is to accommodate consumer preferences as they evolve: If a company can support a whole new way of selling a product, it can disrupt an entire industry.

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