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Change Management – Organizational Change

Change Management might be dead – Let’s go and have a nice funeral

Change management is obsolete - Change management is broken - Change management isn't applicable anymore. Change Management might be dead,…

2 years ago

Without a crisis no organizational change

Companies need a crisis to change Organizations need to be able to make dramatic adjustments in the face of all…

2 years ago

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – Fix it anyway

Is there something profoundly wrong with some of the basic assumptions about how change works? Two decades ago “about 70%…

2 years ago

Why does organizational change fail

Changing something across the entire organization is a big deal, and a big commitment. Six common reasons why change fails,…

2 years ago

Accelerating pace of change – Rethink organizational change management

Is it possible that everything that is known about change management is wrong and that there is a need to…

4 years ago

Emotional and rational case for organizational change

Emotions are hugely powerful. But many managers barely tap into that power when driving organizational change. Employees’ emotions are where…

5 years ago

Change management require a compelling story

Too many change programs don't fully deliver due to lack of foundations . Start the change management process with a…

5 years ago

Top 9 change management infographics

Change is the new normal for leadership. Motivating people to change direction, building new strategies, transforming business models, and adopting…

5 years ago

Top 30+ reasons why organizations cannot change

Identifying and overcoming roadblocks to organizational change. Organizations must change or else they’ll perish. Yet, the biggest stumbling block is…

5 years ago

Make organizational change programs succeed

The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible. Yet organizations that do organizational change well are extraordinarily rare. How to…

5 years ago

Confronted with an increasing rate of change – Challenge of accelerating change

Leading in times of accelerating change. Leaders are confronted with an increasing rate of change. Challenge of accelerating change.

5 years ago

Driving and managing change will remain the number one priority

The business race to adapt. Driving and managing change will remain the number one priority. Adaptability is the new competitive…

5 years ago