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4 years ago

No news is good news is not a management philosophy

The lack of recognition takes a terrible toll on morale, productivity and ultimately profitability. No news is good news is…

5 years ago

Change is changing – Riding the wave of change

Change is changing - The challenges of a VUCA world. The world is getting more dynamic and complex so leaders…

5 years ago

Organizations rise or fall on their leadership – Iceberg of ignorance

Leave the bridge and get down in the engine room It’s often quoted that organizations rise or fall on their…

6 years ago

The organizational shadow impact

Organizational culture is the shadow of the leadership Leaders shape company culture through their behaviors The most important thing to…

7 years ago

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – Complacency will kill the cat

The band "Curiosity killed the cat" The band "Curiosity Killed the Cat" appeared out of nowhere, as if they were transported…

7 years ago

Embraced laughter and humor into corporate culture

Why not embrace laughter and humor into corporate culture Laughing should be a crucial ingredient when drafting the corporate culture…

7 years ago

Is there enough leadership in todays business world

Is there too much management and not enough leadership Is there too much management and not enough leadership in today’s…

7 years ago

Respect has a clear impact on employee engagement

Leadership and respect - Respect pays off It's incredibly important to convey respect when leaders interacting with their employees. While that…

7 years ago

NEVER embarrass employees publicly

Employees do not leave their jobs or company, they leave their bosses There is a saying that employees do not…

7 years ago

Traditional organizational hierarchy is soon history

Modern management is nearing its existential moment Some say the traditional organizational hierarchy is soon history and we end up…

8 years ago

The power of THANK YOU – Employee engagement

Businesses with engaged employees perform better Why is employee engagement important to businesses? It’s simple: Businesses with more engaged employees perform…

9 years ago