Digital transformation remains the major source of change in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace – How digitization is impacting strategy

Culture change is key in digital transformation

Culture change is key for any digital transformation initiative. The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural…

4 years ago

Cable TV ending like the fax machine – Ripe for digital disruption

Ripe for digital disruption - Cable TV ending like the fax machine. Cord cutting will probably become the default viewing…

5 years ago

Ready for digital transformation – Mind the digitization gap

The pace of change is accelerating – Digital disruption is the primary catalyst of change. Anything which can be digitized…

5 years ago

Digitization and digital transformation – Recommended reading

Digitization is a global mega-trend, causing shock waves across a myriad of industries. Digital technology has only begun to penetrate…

5 years ago

Digitization spells the end of middlemen – Digitization of shipping process

Digitization of shipping process - Container shipping sets course for digitization. Traditional industries like shipping are ripe for substantial change

5 years ago

Will the sharing economy approach enter the energy market

Technology has fuelled an explosion of sharing economy business models In the last decade, technology has fuelled an explosion of…

5 years ago

Changed everything within less than a decade

A mobile revolution that has transformed the modern world Ten years ago, January 9, 2007, was a milestone in the…

5 years ago

The on demand economy – Disrupted by the on demand economy

Disrupted by the on demand economy Businesses deal with disruption in a variety of ways, but those affected by on-demand…

5 years ago

Iceberg spotted too late – Business unsinkable – Think again

Iceberg spotted too late - The ranks of seemingly unsinkable companies is growing fast The iceberg was spotted too late,…

6 years ago

Pay with a finger swipe – The battle for mobile payment

The potential of mobile pay in a nutshell Mobile payments promise to merge one of the oldest tools of society…

6 years ago

Focusing on product not technology – Customer needs first

Disruption as a result of breakthrough technology At a time when digital technology is transforming one industry after another, large…

6 years ago

Cash is rapidly becoming a thing of the past

Cash is being replaced by digital alternatives Most people think of a cashless society as something that is way off…

6 years ago