Social Media Attack

bashtag - hashtag campaign backfires
Twitter hashtag campaign backfires by unhappy customers

What happens when the hashtag gets hijacked Many company's have discovered that using hashtags effectively can put Twitter and social media campaigns over the top. But what happens when a hashtag...

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Change management require that people feel the problem
Before the rise of social media – now customer share their experience

Social media have created a participation culture. We no longer merely watch and consume culture. We create, share and interact with it. Social media has forced openness and transparency in...

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Corporate change under pressure
Top 10+ social media disasters

Top 10+ social media disasters Many global marketing companies are “sitting on the sidelines” looking for opportunities to “commercialize” social media. But sometimes brands don’t do this the right way....

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Twitter used for social media attack
Responding to a social media crisis before it is too late

FedEx delivery person throwing a video monitor There have been countless examples of businesses not understanding the power and speed that social media can turn something from minor irritation into...

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Caught in a time warp
3 key elements in issuing a company apology

How do you explain your company's misstep to the public So you messed up. Big. How do you explain your company's misstep to the public? Back in july 2011, Netflix...

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Parody as a tool in social media attack
Parody as a tool in social media attack

BP parody attack Social media, from the perspective of a business, is great. The ability to communicate directly with an audience and create a more personal relationship with them can...

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embrace criticism on social media
The ability to embrace criticism on social media

Even if your business chooses not to engage in the online conversation, people are talking about your products and services whether you like it or not. Surely it’s far better...

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12 social media attacks and disasters

One mistake is all it takes for social media to turn against your brand For all the praise that brand advertisers have for social media, they must be aware that...

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All publicity good publicity – does social media form a part of that adage

If you joined the rest of the world in cringing at the Domino’s Pizza social media PR disaster a couple of years back – Taco Bell seems to be pointing the...

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Real change management happens at the bottom
Respond in the same social media that the complaint originated

Respond in the medium that the complaint originated “Does negative social media hurt business?”, "Did social media attack harm BP’s bottom line?" - Is any publicity, good publicity?  It depends...

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social media impact on business
Social media sites used to channel anger and frustration

A growing scale internet users are tapping social media sites to seek support for what they see as unfair company practices Social media harnessed the support - and donations -...

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Better have a social media risk management plan
Did social media attack harm BP’s bottom line

There is no brand immune to a negative event ......... it happens, that’s life and most companies plan for this to happen by developing action plans and the like. But...

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