Social Media Failure

Top 8+ social media failures from 2012

Social media mishaps, failures and disasters from 2012 #1 - StubHub If you have access to a brand's Twitter account, make sure you log out before posting an offensive personal...

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social media firestorm
Ice cream firestorm

Better think twice before posting an answers on Facebook A century-old ice cream company in a small Montana (US) town came under "fire" after a social media failure. The social...

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Avoid social media bushfire - Social media attack
Avoid social media bushfire – Social media attack

Brands are being compelled to be more open, honest and transparent The days where companies could determine what messages are conveyed, to whom, where and when ensuring their brand reputation...

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Social media is changing the way customers complain
Don’t tell customers they’re not needed

A little comment can create a firestorm of unhappy customers Like many companies, Nikon has an official presence on Facebook through which they try to engage their customers. Only problem...

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social media attack
Price increase lead to social media attack

Boycott Sony In recent years, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse's deaths sparked an immediate and drastic uptick in their record sales. Whitney Houston's passing has had a similar effect on...

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Better have a social media risk management plan
Just another social media failure

It is time again for an another social media failure - this time from Toyota. What Toyota’s CamryEffect campaign did was pure and total Twitter spam. The Toyota account @CamryEffect...

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Improving employee performance and job satisfaction
Top 6+ learning’s from social media failure

With the explosion of attention businesses have begun giving social media, many are jumping into the social sphere without understanding how to use it the right way. What can we...

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12 social media attacks and disasters

One mistake is all it takes for social media to turn against your brand For all the praise that brand advertisers have for social media, they must be aware that...

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Social media isn’t as easy as it looks

Social media isn’t as easy as it looks - Chrysler had to realize that. The official Twitter account of Chrysler brand vehicles dropped the F-bomb in an update from an...

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Yet another social media failure

More and more companies are embracing social media like never before, taking to Facebook, Twitter and other tools in droves to connect with the customers of tomorrow - but it's...

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Organizational culture more important than strategy
Better stick to corporate social media policies

Maybe 140 characters should not be used to comment on sensitive issues Maybe 140 characters should not be used to comment on controversial or sensitive issues, especially those dealing with...

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Fail to understand the power of social media

Intel was attacked by activists Intel was attacked by activists opposed to minerals mining in the Congo inundated Intel's Facebook page. They wanted Intel to pledge its support for a...

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