Pay with a finger swipe – The battle for mobile payment

The potential of mobile pay in a nutshell

Mobile payments promise to merge one of the oldest tools of society – money – with one of its newest: smartphones. This will improve ease-of-use and security for shoppers currently carrying wallets bulging with paper and plastic.

The potential of mobile pay in a nutshell:

  • The global count of active credit- and debit-card accounts is 1.3 billion, according to credit card processer First Data, compared with nearly 7.3 billion active mobile phone accounts, according to the International Telecommunications Union, of which some two billion are smartphones.

The mobile payments marketplace is growing rapidly, providing an easy solution for consumers in a hurry. As a result of this big mobile payments boom, the marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Major phone companies and financial startups have created their own form of mobile payment methods to compete for the top spot in the industry. So which industry leader wins the crown?

Pay with a finger swipe – The battle for mobile payment supremacy in Denmark

It seems that MobilePay could have the potential to win the crown in Denmark:

  • More than ‌‌3 million Danes use MobilePay – more than half of the country’s population
  • More than ‌24,000 shops accept payments via MobilePay
  • More than 90 million MobilePay transactions take place per year
  • Two thirds of users are not customers at Danske Bank.


Danske Bank created MobilePay to address the need for very simple money transfers. The ambition was to make transferring money to friends and businesses as easy as it is to send a text message.

A trip away from cash

In many countries, it is the bank card that is taking over from cash, but the rise of mobile payments is a huge player in the developments towards a cashless world.

The Nordic countries are the front-runners in the trip away from cash. Finland, Sweden and Denmark have the highest non-cash payment rates in the EU.

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