Business Improvement – Culture Change – Change Management

Business Improvement – Culture Change – Change Management

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and culture change.

Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and bottom line growth.

Broad international experience from top management and board positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and
United Kingdom.

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Business improvement, change management, revenue and bottom line enhancements for
companies in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

  • "Torben is a very professional executive who delivered a first class project. Excellent work. Torben worked fast, very reliable and with profound integrity."
    Gert RiederENEX Finance SA – Client
  • "As inspiring leader with focus on communication and organization culture, Torben managed to create the need of change and navigate whole process of defining value drivers in Verdo Entreprise. Torben is an outstanding strategist who inspires and changes the entire organization. He is able in very short time to get a deep market and custom overview. He managed to motived and lead a team through a complex change and implementation process and move the organization to a new level. It is a pleasure and great inspiration to work together with Torben."
    Dorota KnudsenCustomer Business Manager at Verdo Entreprise – Client
  • "Torben is a true professional who is very analytically and structured in his way of working. He is very good at locating the main drivers of a business and at the same time he is able to understand the important contexts in the business. Torben is good at setting relevant targets and pursuing these targets both by motivating his employees and by keeping focus."
    Karl Martin AndersenBusiness Controller, Verdo A/S
  • "I have worked with Torben on several projects and am impressed by his ability to identify and analyze the core issue at hand. Combined with his great execution skills and dedication he carries the process throughout and enables big decisions to de made with comfort. He has also implemented a lean, very focused and simple strategy in his current division which has provided Verdo with nothing but growth and a dedicated staff who enjoys their well-defined roles and clear goals very day."
    Jesper Kaagaard BakBusiness Controller, Verdo A/S
  • "Torben is strong leader who formulates his vision, is able to articulate it, and has the management capability to get it implemented. I enjoyed working for him, and learned a lot from the experience. He was the greatest catalyst for positive change that I have ever worked for or with. His visionary and implementation of management tools were a model for me that I will always follow."
    Dieter DanneboomHead of Productmanagement, Talkline GmbH & Co. KG
  • "Torben Rick had the task to identify actions to be implemented to improve our financial performance. He identified several actions, both short term and long term strategic actions for our company. Torben did an excellent job and I can strongly recommend Torben for these kind of tasks."
    Peter E. PetersenDevelopment Director Comlog A/S – Client

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