Business Improvement – Culture Change – Change Management

Business Improvement – Culture Change – Change Management

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and culture change.

Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and bottom line growth.

Broad international experience from top management and board positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and
United Kingdom.

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Business improvement, change management, revenue and bottom line enhancements for
companies in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

  • "Torben is a true professional who is very analytically and structured in his way of working. He is very good at locating the main drivers of a business and at the same time he is able to understand the important contexts in the business. Torben is good at setting relevant targets and pursuing these targets both by motivating his employees and by keeping focus."
    Karl Martin AndersenBusiness Controller, Verdo A/S
  • "Torben was very fast and worked well under the extreme time pressure that I put him under. Results driven and very focused."
    Robert SteinerDirector EMEA Global Consulting Services QAD – Client
  • "Although it is some years ago that I had the privilege of working together with Torben for about seven years I still see him as THE role model for a perfect turn-around manager. In a very competitive market and in a very short period of time he achieved goals in terms of financial results, customer AND employee satisfaction that are unparalleled to everything I have experienced ever since. As head of Corporate Communications it was a pleasure to work with him as he saw communication as a crucial part of his missions. And I really liked the challenge to keep up with his high expectations and lightning fast thinking."
    Thomas StormannsDirector Corporate Communications, Talkline GmbH & Co. KG
  • "Torben did an outstanding job, in running a lean project in the organization, especially in our service delivery."
    Kim FrimerCEO and President, TDC Solution A/S
  • "Within a short period Torben has managed to change the organisation to be much more market, sales and service oriented. In the same period Torben has managed to develop the right financial tools that makes us capable of keeping track of our business … Impressive!"
    Jens DahlgaardProduct Management, Verdo A/S
  • "Torben reengineered the total sales supporting process in TDC in very professional way. He raised in very short time the professional level of competence in the organization and made complete management tools to monitor and train the level of competence for the complete support staff. I can recommend him to anybody who needs revitalization of a complex organization."
    Hans MøllerDirector, Tele Danmark Erhverv A/S

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