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Disruptive ecommerce model – try before you buy

Recent studies all over the world predict massive growth in the e-commerce sector in the coming years:

After a healthy 12.6% increase to $176.2 billion in 2010, U.S. online retail sales are expected to reach $278.9 billion in 2015 (Forrester Research Inc.)

E-retail sales in the U.K. will grow by 110% in the next 10 years, reaching 123 billion pounds ($186.7 billion) in 2020 (Capgemini)

As ecommerce continues to gain popularity, one major roadblock has come to the forefront: not being able to physically try. But a new wave of companies are disrupting ecommerce with the introduction of the “try before you buy” concept.

Try before you buy – eyeglass

Warby Parker, an online prescription eyeglass retailer, is one of the many companies turning to the try before you buy concept. The company’s home try-on feature lets customers select any five pairs of glasses to have shipped to them free of charge. After five days, customers decide which pairs they like and order their favorites online. By creating their own brand of glasses, replicating those that cost four to five times more, they are able to send out those sample packs with no real purchase commitment.

Try before you buy – bras

True & Co. operates much the same way as Warby Parker. The company allows customers to try five bras on at home, keep what they like and return the rest for free. Customers fill out a quiz that matches them with a specific fit and style first, so the items they try on are tailored to their size and tastes.

New ways to engage customers

While online retailers try to find new ways to engage customers who may usually prefer an in-store experience, there will likely be more examples of the try before you buy concept in action.

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