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Recommendations – Referrals - Torben Rick

Managing Director & Group Business Improvement & Strategy Director

Annette Jelle

Torben is one of the most outstanding professionals, I have met in my career.

Besides the fact that he is a strong strategic individual, he has the remarkable ability to quickly identify business complexities and challenges and through that, define an ambitious and realistic action plan, secure commitment of stakeholders and ensure implementation in a remarkable efficient way. He achieves this ‘just’ by asking the relevant and simple questions in a highly intelligent way, by assisting the stakeholders in defining ‘the why’/what’s-in-it-for-me and by using his outstanding personal skills.

In essence, Torben excels in leading and supporting organizations and its employees with the purpose of becoming a better edition of itself.

Annette Jelle / CIO / Verdo A/S
Karl Martin Andersen

Torben is a true professional who is very analytically and structured in his way of working. He is very good at locating the main drivers of a business and at the same time he is able to understand the important contexts in the business. Torben is good at setting relevant targets and pursuing these targets both by motivating his employees and by keeping focus.

Karl Martin Andersen / Business Controller / Verdo A/S

I have worked with Torben on several projects and am impressed by his ability to identify and analyze the core issue at hand. Combined with his great execution skills and dedication he carries the process throughout and enables big decisions to de made with comfort. He has also implemented a lean, very focused and simple strategy in his current division which has provided Verdo with nothing but growth and a dedicated staff who enjoys their well-defined roles and clear goals very day.

Jesper Kaagaard Bak / Business Controller, Verdo A/S

Torben is a driven professional who knows how to get things done. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Torben for almost half a year now and I’ve already learned some unique operational tools to streamline business. Torbens great experience enables him to develop simple solutions that works and which can be communicated at all levels within the organization.

Stine Brøgger Thygesen / Head Of Logistics / Verdo A/S

I know Torben as a hardworking person, who has excellent analytical skills. Torben knows how to ask “that” question that clearifies the problem you are working with. Furthermore Torben has substantial expirience with Business development in more countries in Europe. I can strongly recommend Torben.

Kenneth R. H. Jeppesen / CFO / Verdo A/S

Torben is good to break larger problems within workflows, so that it is open to everyone, that there should be an improvement. His forces are not limited only to break down problems. He assumes also like to implement solutions – even when the solutions lead to the entire organization must change its behavior. Through his achievements Torben inspire colleagues to implement new and minimized resource operations that will enhance the companys competitiveness.

Jesper S. Sahl / Division Director / Verdo A/S

Over the past year I have worked with Torben Rick as a colleague at Verdo. Torben works analytically and systematically. He has an ability to quickly identify contexts and issues in complex cases. Torben see possibilities instead of limitations and pursue targets persistently.

Ken Trabjerg Pedersen / Division Director / Verdo Entreprise A/S

I have the pleasure of serving alongside Torben on the board of directors of the energy group Verdo. Torben has established and runs a highly successful business unit. At the same time Torben serves as the groups business development director. One thing that I would like to highlight is Torben’ s unique ability to add insightful and thought-provoking perspectives to any issue. Time and time again, this proves highly valuable.

Kasper Granat / CMO / Verdo A/S

I have worked with Torben on several projects and I admire his knowledge on how to make business lean and profitable.

Klaus Valbjørn Køster / Product Group Manager / Verdo A/S

Based on my cooperation with Torben Rick as a member of Verdo Executive team I have learned that he has Great experience from large companies in IT and Telco. Torben is highly dedicated to the business and is very skilled in pinpointing and analysing business challenges. He is very experienced in building and executing strategy with a safe hand. Torben is focusing on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, simplicity and financial results and he manage to balance his focus points in a way that create great results. Torben can optimize an operation and from a new starting point grow the business. Torben has very good communication skills and he is successful in building commitment in his organisation.

Ole Ørndrup / Division Director / Verdo A/S

Within a short period Torben has managed to change the organisation to be much more market, sales and service oriented. In the same period Torben has managed to develop the right financial tools that makes us capable of keeping track of our business … Impressive!

Jens Dahlgaard / Product Management / Verdo A/S

I have had great inspiration and learning by working together with Torben. I admire his ability to collaborate, communicate, analyze a business, make a comprehensible strategy and not least his execution of a strategy plan.

Knud Erik Knudsen / Head of Department / Verdo Production A/S

Over the last 6 years I have had the pleasure of working together with Torben. He has been an invaluable support and sparring partner on a journey of change, which has been incredibly instructive. As a leader, Torben is honest and constructive in his feedback. It is motivating and stimulating. He is good at giving freedom with responsibility. It provides high job satisfaction even when the winds of change. Torben get my best recommendations, as a leader, as a colleague and as a sparring partner.

Heidi Svane / Head of Customer Service / Verdo Tele A/S

Torben is extremely focused and has the ability to grind goals so that they become operational.

Ulf Larsson / Project Manager / Verdo A/S

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

We are very fortunate to have Torben Rick as chairman of the board at AnyCom. We are a consulting company with focus on growth and Torben has been a great contributor in defining our strategy, establishing tools regarding economy, pipe-line, forecast etc. and helping us to establish a go to market strategy. Torben helps us seeing the overall picture and keeping focus on making long term decisions. Torben has managed to follow us closely and always push us a little further, which is very valuable. For a new company on the market it is of great importance to have Torben as a highly experienced member of the board. I am looking forward to working with Torben for many years to come.

Jakob Johnsen / Partner / AnyCom A/S

Torben is an outstanding person to have as chairman on our Board of Directors. Torben has a great focus on management, simplification, development, and optimization improvement. In the strategy process Torben involves both the Board of Directors and the employees, which helps to create a good development and understanding of the elements in the strategy. I can warmly recommend Torben; he is highly professional competent, and an excellent facilitator, who in a positive and constructive way makes sure to get everyone heard.

Poul Qvist Christensen / Partner / AnyCom A/S

Torben Rick is chairman of the board in AnyCom – independent consulting on communication infrastructure – since 2014 and he has already had a significant impact on defining goals, setting actions to reach the goals and monitoring our progress. Torben Rick’s main contributions so far has helped us develop monthly business progress reporting in a simple way – keep it simple but with a defined focus on sales and signed orders for the next quarter which is essential for maintaining constant and growing revenue. Secondly, Torben Rick has helped us to maintain focus on implementing our business strategy taking active part in workshops and pushing us in a friendly way towards our strategic goals. Torben Rick has been very valuable to our business so far, and I look forward continuing our common journey in AnyCom.

Thomas Meyer Balle / Partner and CEO / AnyCom A/S

Consultancy & Interim Management

Torben did a great job in identifying several important action points to improve financial performance at a mutual client. Torben is excellent to put focus on KPI’s, to keep focus and to motivate. Torben is highly recommended.

Michael Gadekaer / Revisor / KPMG

Torben is a very professional executive who delivered a first class project. Excellent work. Torben worked fast, very reliable and with profound integrity.

Gert Rieder / ENEX Finance SA – Client

Torben did an excellent job in our company by identifying different actions to improve our EBITDA – he worked with a very strong focus on the measurable result. Torben is a great asset to any company.

Annette Nielsen / Controller finance / Vehco – Client

Torben is an experienced consultant with special focus at implementing performance improvements. He is extreemly self driven and will fit into most organizations.

Kim Wiencken / General Partner / Northcap Partners – Client

Torben was very fast and worked well under the extreme time pressure that I put him under. Results driven and very focused.

Robert Steiner / Partner / NorthCap Partners A/S – Client

Torben has helped me and my management team in defining a clear goal, mapping value streams and create a clear business process overview. Torben did an outstanding job, making complex matters simple and helped my management team and me to focus on those key drivers, that best improve our bottom line

Morten Birch / General Manager Verdo Entreprise – Client

We hired Torben Rick to help defining a strategy for entering the German market. Torben is a true specialist, and delivered a convincing and top professional work.

Anders Cervera / Director of Product Management & Marketing / Vopium – Client

I have worked with Torben at several occasions, he is a great COO, he has the ability to understand a complex value chain and go to market proposition and twist it to deliver a fantastic result, he is highly committed, energetic and professional

Preben Mejer / Founder, Chairman – Client

Torben Rick had the task to identify actions to be implemented to improve our financial performance. He identified several actions, both short term and long term strategic actions for our company. Torben did an excellent job and I can strongly recommend Torben for these kind of tasks.

Peter E. Petersen / Development Director / Comlog A/S – Client

As inspiring leader with focus on communication and organization culture, Torben managed to create the need of change and navigate whole process of defining value drivers in Verdo Entreprise. Torben is an outstanding strategist who inspires and changes the entire organization. He is able in very short time to get a deep market and custom overview. He managed to motived and lead a team through a complex change and implementation process and move the organization to a new level. It is a pleasure and great inspiration to work together with Torben.

Dorota Knudsen / Customer Business Manager / Verdo Entreprise – Client

Torben, did a great job in one of our portfolio companies focusing on maens and ways to increased profitablity and growth. Torben is clear and to the point in communication and action. I can highly recommend working with Torben on businesses development.

Jesper Scharling Sørensen / Partner / NorthCap Partners – Client

Business & Financial Improvement Director – Vice President

Torben is a very inspiring leader with a solid foundation of business knowledge. I had the pleasure of working with him on a project that trimmed the organization in order to improve efficiency and lower costs. Torben is a natural leader. People will listen to him because he is able to emphasize with them and because he is a brilliant tactician. Torben is the kind of leader who I would love to work with again. He has really opened my eyes with how to eliminate waste in a company as well as how to get the management involved in such a task.

Rolf Sørensen / Analysist / TDC Solution A/S

I worked close together with Torben for approximately 9 months in 2006/2007. During the period we cooperated in analyzing a large production unit, and draw up plans for several ambitious performance improvements. I found Torben very dedicated, committed and enthusiastic in this work, and he used a very structured model to achieve the objectives. I can strongly recommend Torben for these kinds of tasks.

René Skjøde Andersen / Vice President / TDC Solution A/S

Torben did an outstanding job, in running a lean project in the organization, especially in our service delivery.

Kim Frimer / CEO and President / TDC Solution A/S

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Managing Director – Geschäftsführer

Torben is a manager with a very strong focus on the measurable result. He is able to assume a team of different types of characters and lead them to success and to raise the productivity of a given organization significantly within a short period of time. He knows how to motivate the staff and how to increase the flexibility and creativity of a complex organization.

Sven Soenksen / Head of Product Management B2B / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Torben is very much goal and implementation-oriented. Torben makes challenges, goals, and strategy understandable for employees. He uses simple words and pictures to make sure that everybody in an organization understands the direction of the company. This makes company-wide programs and projects transparent and successful. The results are significant increase in EBITDA, customer base, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Leonardo Castiglione / Head of Projects & internal Consulting / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Torben is able to make things happen and gather top-motivated people around him. His has delivered better and better results year by year and Torben can match everyone as a negotiator.

Steen Sørensen / HR Director / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Torben is excellent at international change management and corporate performance management. Torben has the ability of transforming strategic vision into operational goals that are easily understood by all employees. Torben was a strong part of the culture change program at Talkline and contributed significantly to Talklines excellent financial results and increased customer base

Roy Kilpatrick / Fachbereichsleiter Controlling / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Although it is some years ago that I had the privilege of working together with Torben for about seven years I still see him as THE role model for a perfect turn-around manager. In a very competitive market and in a very short period of time he achieved goals in terms of financial results, customer AND employee satisfaction that are unparalleled to everything I have experienced ever since. As head of Corporate Communications it was a pleasure to work with him as he saw communication as a crucial part of his missions. And I really liked the challenge to keep up with his high expectations and lightning fast thinking

Thomas Stormanns / Director Corporate Communications / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

I’ve learned Torben as a straight forward, goal-oriented manager, who archived significant business improvements (EBITDA, number of subscribers). As a strong leader Torben has not only the ability to drive topics but also to motivate the organization to drive in the same direction. Torbens business success also founded on his potential to develop creative ideas and solutions.

Holger Gasau / Head of IT/ Application Development / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Torben is pronounced target orientated and full of drive. He is very strong implementation-oriented and an “effective troubleshooter”. This is based on a healthy and transparent project culture in which the entire organization knows all objectives and is involved on an ongoing basis. This conscious focusing on organizational culture created a turnaround which lead to a significant increase in EBITDA, customer base, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Beate Riemer / Head of HR Development / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

I had the chance to work with Torben Rick for more than 3 years. With his extreme focus on goals Torben has implemented a high performance culture at Talkline. Torben has a clear sense of future directions for a company. For example has he focussed on e-business and empowered the e-business department at a time (2002) when almost every company in Germany has reduced or even fired their e-business department. Like this Talkline became the most successful telecommunication company in e-commerce at that time. Another success story was his strong focus on online-billing which saved millions of Euros to the company. A lot of his initiatives where copied by the competitors sooner or later…and with these advances he made Talkline to the most successful mobile service provider in Germany.action.

Ralf Priemer / Head of eBusiness / Head of Marketing Communication / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Torben is a very strong, implementation-oriented manager, driven by the desire to never accept a “no” but rather always push for higher aspirations. In doing so, he has built an exceptional track record of overachieving goals and pushing himself and his team to higher limits. He is a great colleague to work with, blending a both business-focused with very personal leadership style.

Alexander M. Dahlke / Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

During the 7 years I have worked with Torben I have experienced him as the best project and turn around manager you can think of. He managed to develop a highly target orientated, creativ and motivated company which was the key for Talkline’s success.

Christian Seidl / Director Indirect Sales / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

I worked together with Torben from 2001 to 2006. During these 5 years Talkline developed significantly in terms of improved financial results as well as growth in customer base. Torben played a major role in achieving these results. I highly respect his ability to move an organization forward, setting ambitious goals and achieving them through personal leadership.

Mogens Soegaard Hansen / CFO / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

I got to know Torben as very strong, target-oriented manager. His ability to inspire people and to convince them, that “good is not good enough” describes a little bit the passion he feels for his job. I enjoyed working with Torben. The way he pushes himself and his team for higher aspirations is exemplary.

Yannis Christoforidis / Head of Productmanagement / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

I have experienced Torben as an excellent target oriented manager. One of his outstanding skills is the abilitly to create strong motivation and focus teams on the achievement / overfullfillment of targets. The great sucess of Talkline in those years is strongly related to the great performance of Torben and his ongoing implementation of major improvements within the whole company. He actively drove change processes in all parts of the company (from customer service to sales / marketing) which clearly resulted in improvements on all KPI’s, including impressive improvement of our financials. I enjoyed the successful cooperation in those years

Thorsten Witzelsburger / Head of Controlling / Talkline GmbH & Co. KG

Commercial Project Director

Torben is a high motivatived, business focused and customer orientated individual. He has incredible business focus and awareness. He uses his skills to ensure business results are achieved, but he also ensures that his team is focused, motivated and led to achieve results but also to deliver customer excellence at all levels of governance. A great asset to any company.

David Durrant / Director Customer Care Operations / Sunrise Communications AG

Torben is an action oriented executive who I remember as someone who always gets the job done – even under very challenging circumstances!

Anders Christjansen / Head of Wholesale - Vice President / Sunrise Communications AG

Torben shows an amazing dedication and professional focus on the business drivers of all the projects he works on. He managed to realise challenging projects both with internal process optimizations, re-engineering, employee motivational programs as well as managing large customer projects, succeeding in particular in though negotiation rounds

Anders Bröchner / Business Analyst / Sunrise Communications AG

Sales Support Director

Torben reengineered the total sales supporting process in TDC in very professional way. He raised in very short time the professional level of competence in the organization and made complete management tools to monitor and train the level of competence for the complete support staff. I can recommend him to anybody who needs revitalization of a complex organization.

Hans Møller / Director / Tele Danmark Erhverv A/S
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