Taking business to the next level

Helping leaders build effective and future fit organizations

– Taking business to the next level

Leaders are facing an environment with an increasing volatility – with change as the only constant parameter.

To deal with permanent volatility, companies must develop certain core attributes like agility, speed, adaptiveness, focused organizational culture and change, more innovative than customers expect and high performance. And at the same time reduce complacency – the silent business killer!

Meliorate has extensive implementation experience – both in consulting and line function.

Meliorate has worked with leadership teams and boards – in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom – to improve the performance of their business through a focus on business improvement and development, organizational culture, change management and performance management.

Business improvement

Meilorate has a reputation for designing and implementing business improvement programmes that achieve projected results. The key approach is DriveMap® – a proven concept of identifying main- and sub-drivers combined with action and target settings.

Change management and organizational culture change

Meliorate has successfully designed and implemented a number of change management and and organizational culture change programs. Aligning organizational cultures to better execute strategy.

This highly complex process requires a multi-faceted strategy to be implemented over a sustained period.

Performance improvement

Helping organizations to release the energy and talent of their people to improve performance, primarily through GetB® – a proven concept that get behind the numbers and lays the foundation for internal programs which brings together the entire organization and improves performance.

Available for interim assignments, project or consulting work, and coaching.

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