Strong track record – Business Achievements

Business Achievements – Erfolge – Resultater

Business Achievements – Erfolge – Resultater

Business achievements from 2009 to 2016

  • Due to heavy focus on business drivers – reduced cost-base and increased customer base – EBITDA margin was improved from 2% to 39%
  • Customer base increased from 5.500 to 12.200 in a stagnant market – market share up from 26% to 49%
  • Voted the best ISP for 5 consecutive years by the independent consulting firm Loyalty Group
  • Customer satisfaction increased from index 67 to 85 – employee satisfaction increased to index 81 (Top performer)
  • Successfully changed the organization to be much more market, sales and service oriented

After successful turnaround, the customer base and 25% of Verdo Tele A/S was sold to Nordlys A/S in 2016.

Business achievements 2008

  • Successful turn-around a high-tech company which was highly under-performing as to its financial performance and product quality
  • Due to heavy focus on business drivers increased EBITDA margin from – 18% to + 10%

Business achievements from 2006 to 2007

  • Business improvement with a total “cash-in” of € 85m equaling to 9% of the total cost base

Business achievements from 2001 to 2006

  • EBITDA increased by 138% due to heavy focus on customer profitability and efficiency from € 29.7m to € 70.6m
  • EBITDA-margin increased by 82% to 7,0% and OPEX per customer declined by 65%
  • Highest profitability per customer and employee of all German service providers (EBIT per customer and EBIT per FTE)
  • Despite getting closer to market saturation the customer base has more than doubled from 1,7 m to 3,4m customers and customer satisfaction increased from index 100 to 124
  • Employee satisfaction pushed from index 72 to 83 points
  • Best Workplaces in Germany 2006
  • Connect Call Center Test: 2001: Best in class, 2002: Second best in class and 2003: Best in class among all German Service-Providers

After successful turnaround, Talkline was sold for € 560m to competitor Debitel/Mobilcom (Freenet AG)

Business achievements from 1999 to 2001

  • Development and implementation of refocus program (Turn-around/Corporate Transformation) which included Cost Improvement and Revenue Improvement Program
  • Successfully implemented Culture Change Program “Wir machen es einfach” (We just do it – We make it simple)
  • Reduced call volume by 35% with a wide range of self-services
  • Reduced churn by 45% with retention/prevention programs

Business achievements from 1998 to 1999

  • Successful acquisition of an ISP, commercial and legal negotiations, due diligence, business plan and integration
  • Successfully acquired Credit Swiss First Boston (London), global customer with an annual revenue of € 13m
  • Successfully implemented balanced scorecard and culture program: “Let´s follow the sunrise … on a balloon trip around the world”

Business achievements 1997

  • Re-engineered the total sales supporting process in TDC
  • Raised the professional level of competence in the organization and made complete management tools to monitor and train the level of competence for the complete support staff
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