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Torben Rick - Curriculum vitae – Lebenslauf – Resume

International experienced senior executive

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement and development, change management and culture change.

Have worked with value-adding leadership and transformation creating simultaneous top line and button line growth.

By constantly challenging the way things are done combined with the organizational refocusing programs have been the key factors in obtaining the results:

► Significant financial improvement
► Increasing customer base
► Increasing service-level – customer service
► Increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

Broad international experience from top management and board positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Head of Service Management (Interim)

– Vater Business IT GmbH & Vater BankIT GmbH – Hamnurg & Kiel – Germany – 2020 to 2021

Identifying and implementing financial and operational business improvements.

Merger of Vater BankIT GmbH and Vater Business IT.

P&L responsibility (Service) – Member of the management team.

Managed Service Provider, designing, delivering and operating IT-Infrastructure, Cloud and IT-services to Northern German customers.


Non-executive member of the Board of Directors – Verdo Renewables Ltd

– Verdo Renewables Ltd (Renewables) – Andover – United Kingdom – 2019 to 2020

Responsible for Verdo Renewables Ltd, a leading supplier of biomass energy – wood pellets and wood briquettes – in the UK.

→ Strategy Ι Business and financial improvement I Routes to market (retail, eCommerce, direct sales)


Executive member of the Board of Directors – Verdo Tele A/S

– Verdo Tele A/S (Fiber Communication) – Randers – Denmark – 2016 to 2020

Fiber-optic communication company – fiber optic internet & TV – owned by Verdo A/S (75%) and Nordlys A/S (25%)


Managing Director

– Verdo Tele A/S (Fiber Communication) – Randers – Denmark – 2011 to 2020

Managing Director responsible for the fiber-optic communication company Verdo Tele A/S (sales – B2B and B2C, marketing, customer service, product management, billing, IT & technology and service engineer).

  • Due to heavy focus on business drivers – reduced cost-base and increased customer base – EBITDA margin was improved from 2% to 39%
  • Customer base increased from 5.500 to 12.200 in a stagnant market – market share up from 26% to 49%
  • Voted the best ISP for 5 consecutive years by the independent consulting firm Loyalty Group
  • Customer satisfaction increased from index 67 to 85 – employee satisfaction increased to index 81 (Top performer)
  • Successfully changed the organization to be much more market, sales and service oriented

After successful turnaround, the customer base and 25% of Verdo Tele A/S was sold to Nordlys A/S in 2016.


Group Business Improvement & Strategy Director

– Verdo A/S (Utility, Energy, Renewables, Fiber) – Randers – Denmark – 2009 to 2020

Group Business Development & Improvement Director: Group business development and strategy, business and financial improvement, cross-functional business improvement.

Business areas: District heating, energy (establishing and operating all types of power and heating plants from solar to biomass), supplier of biomass, carbon (sourcing specialist for raw materials to electrometallurgical industries), water supply, technical installations and fiber-optic communication.

Member of the Executive Management Board of Verdo A/S.

→ Business and financial improvement I Corporate values I Organizational culture I Change management I Strategy – “Next Level”


Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

– AnyCom A/S (Information Technology and Services) – Ry – Denmark – 2014 to 2017

AnyCom A/S is an independent consulting firm that provides technical and commercial advice in the optimal use of information technology and services to large public and private companies.


Strategic Advisor & Interim Manager

– @Meliorate (Management Consulting) – Hamburg – Germany – 2008 to 2008

Business Development Advisor Energi Randers – Denmark (Energy industry). Hired by the CEO to evaluate and improve a major strategic project.

Business Development Advisor Vopium – Germany (Mobile VOIP). Hired by the board to develop “routes to market” in Germany.

Interim Business Development & Financial Improvement Executive Comlog A/S – Denmark & Germany (Telematic). Hired by the board and charged with turning around the company which was highly under-performing as to its financial performance and product quality.

  • Due to heavy focus on business drivers increased EBITDA margin from – 18% to + 10%


Business & Financial Improvement Director – Vice President

– TDC A/S (Telecommunication) – Copenhagen – Denmark – 2006 to 2007

Reporting to the CEO of TDC Solution A/S, responsible for Business & Financial Improvement with 34 employees – Lean Management, Business Process Management and reduction of production and capacity needs.

  • Business improvement with a total “cash-in” of € 85m equalling to 9% of the total cost base


Chief Operating Office (COO) – Managing Director – Geschäftsführer

– Talkline GmbH & Co. KG (Mobile Telecommunication) – Hamburg – Germany – 2001 to 2006

Member of the Board of Directors (Geschäftsführung), responsible for 480 employees covering customer service, eBusiness, marketing, product management, procurement and sales with and a yearly revenue of € 1.000m.

  • EBITDA increased by 138% due to heavy focus on customer profitability and efficiency from € 29.7m to € 70.6m
  • Despite getting closer to market saturation the customer base has more than doubled from 1,7 m to 3,4m customers and customer satisfaction increased from index 100 to 124
  • Best in class customer service – Connect Call Center Test 2001: Best in class, 2002: Second best in class, 2003: Best in class among all German service providers
  • Employee satisfaction pushed from index 72 to 83 points

After successful turnaround, Talkline was sold for € 560m to competitor Debitel/Mobilcom (Freenet AG)


Project Director

– Talkline GmbH & Co. KG (Mobile Telecommunication) – Hamburg – Germany – 1999 to 2000

Member of Erweiterte Geschäftsführung (EGF), reporting to the CEO, responsible for business development and improvement.

  • Development and implementation of refocus program (Turn-around/Corporate Transformation) which included Cost Improvement and Revenue Improvement Program
  • Successfully implemented Culture Change Program “Wir machen es einfach” (We make it simple)
  • Reduced call volume by 35% with a wide range of self-services
  • Reduced churn by 45% with retention/prevention programs


Commercial Project Director

– Sunrise Communications AG (Telecommunication) – Zürich – Switzerland – 1998 to 1999

Reporting to the CEO, responsible for business development in a recently established communications company owned by TDC, British Telecom, UBS, Migros and SBB.

  • Successful acquisition of an ISP, commercial and legal negotiations, due diligence, business plan and integration
  • Successfully acquired Credit Swiss First Boston (London), global customer with an annual revenue of € 13m
  • Successfully implemented balanced scorecard and culture program: “Let´s follow the sunrise… on a balloon trip around the world”


Sales Support Director

– TDC A/S DataDivisionen (Telecommunication) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1997

Head of domestic and international sales support with 72 employees, including 7 function managers.

Responsible for domestic and international pre-sales support, project management, Total Service Management, contract administration, development and implementation of Balanced Scorecard.

  • Reengineered the total sales supporting process in TDC
  • Raised the professionel level of competence in the organization and made complete management tools to monitor and train the level of competence for the complete support staff


Head of Strategic Business Unit

– TDC A/S DataDivisionen (Telecommunication) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1995 to 1996

Reporting to the Division Director, Total Service Management with 13 employees.

In charge of business and market foundation in the newly established Strategic Business Unit starting from scratch. Responsible for development and implementation of services within IT Facility Management.


Head of Logistics & Procurement

– DanaData A/S (Information Technology & Services) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1992 to 1995

Reporting to the CFO, responsible for procurement, warehouse, configuration and test center and dealer team with a total of 37 employees.

Procurement of € 100m distributed on 4,500-5,000 article numbers with an average inventory turnover ratio of 11-12. Sale to retailers with an annual sales budget of € 30m.


Managing Director

– PC Distribution A/S (Information Technology & Services) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1992 to 1995

Responsible for the distribution company PC Distribution A/S of (50 percent owned by DanaData A/S).

International contract negotiations in USA, UK, France and Germany.


Head of Marketing

– DanaData A/S (Information Technology & Services) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1990 to 1991

Head of the central marketing department with 4 employees. Overall responsibility for DanaData’s operational and strategic marketing.

Responsible for international marketing activities in connection with International Computer Group (ICG) in Paris.


Project Manager

– Nykredit (Building Society – Financial Services) – Aarhus – Denmark – 1989 to 1990

Responsible for operational and strategic marketing (B2B) and central sponsoring.


Project Manager

– Kreditforeningen Danmark (Building Society – Financial Services) – Copenhagen – Denmark – 1988 to 1989

Responsible for the project group: “Sale and marketing” whose purpose was to draw up strategic proposals for the executive committee and the board of directors at Kreditforeningen Danmark as part of the planning project “A plan for KD”


Marketing Coordinator

– Kreditforeningen Danmark (Building Society – Financial Services) – Odense – Denmark – 1987 to 1988

Responsible for the decentralized marketing and sponsoring function in the Funen area with 2 employees.

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