Will body scan disrupt ordinary retail clothing

Will body scan disrupt ordinary retail clothing

Will body scan disrupt ordinary retail clothing

Online customers may be able to buy clothes in their pajamas, but they never know just how well those purchases will actually fit. That problem may soon be history – thanks to a breakthrough piece of augmented reality technology from Bodymetrics.

When you walk into a clothing retailer or browse an online fashion site, they have no idea of your body size, shape or style. Bodymetrics body-maps you within a few seconds and gets hundreds of accurate measurements and analytics of your shape. Then, we match this data to the exact dimensions of a garment and allow you to virtually try it on your own body to see whether it is too tight, too loose or just perfect. (Bodymetrics CEO Suran Goonatilake).

Will body scan disrupt ordinary retail clothing

Customers can now create a Bodymetrics account inside a store, get their body precisely measured, and get access to this data from any mobile device or PC.

Right now, only about 11 percent of apparel sale take place online, since many customers can’t assess properly whether clothes will fit them or not. Returns to retailers can be as high as 40 percent, due to poor fits. Bodymetrics hopes to reduce the percentage of returns.

Internet shopping has already effectively disrupted in-person book stores, video rental and travel agencies. The apparel industry has kept its physical doors open thanks to the imprecise science of online sizing. It’s not hard to imagine a product like Bodymetrics figure-mapper taking a large bite out of that pie, but to do so the technology will have to actually deliver on the hype.

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