Driving and managing change will remain the number one priority

The business race to adapt. Driving and managing change will remain the number one priority. Adaptability is the new competitive advantage!

Change is changing - Riding the wave of change

Change is changing – The challenges of a VUCA world. The world is getting more dynamic and complex so leaders must learn how to surmount new challenges.

Has the change management concept expired

Time to replace change management? Can change approaches keep pace with an absolutely complex, fast-moving and ever changing world

When organizational culture needs to change - Changing organizational culture

The rise and importance of shaping organizational culture – Recognizing the need for organizational change. When has the time come to fundamentally change the organizational culture?

overlooked factor in increasing employee motivation

A key factor in increasing employee motivation that often are overlooked: leveraging the social aspect of work. Employee appreciation matters.

Save smartphone users from themselves

Smartphones have changed the world The world has undergone a massive shift as a result of the smartphone invasion. While mobile devices had been around for a while, the release of the first iPhone in...

Most shared leadership resources – Most shared post

Most shared change management, digitization, disruption, organizational culture, performance management and strategy. Top shared posts.

Say goodbye to change management

Is the old change no longer suitable for a complex and highly dynamic business world? The end of the road for change management? Is change management an outdated concept?

Culture change is key in digital transformation

Culture change is key for any digital transformation initiative. The hardest part of a successful digital transformation is the cultural piece. Digital transformation isn’t really about technology, it’s about organizational agility.

Digitization of shipping process

Digitization of shipping process – Container shipping sets course for digitization. Traditional industries like shipping are ripe for substantial change

Will the sharing economy enter the energy market

Technology has fuelled an explosion of sharing economy business models In the last decade, technology has fuelled an explosion of sharing economy business models who in just a few short years have revolutionized established industries....

Reasons why organizations cannot change

Identifying and overcoming roadblocks to organizational change. Organizations must change or else they’ll perish. Yet, the biggest stumbling block is implementing it.