Without a crisis no organizational change

Without a crisis no organizational change

Without a crisis no organizational change

Companies need a crisis to change

Organizations need to be able to make dramatic adjustments in the face of all kinds of change, unexpected developments, challenging environments and sudden opportunities.

The coronavirus is one of those unexpected developments. While the coronavirus is a unique event, business disruptions occur on a regular basis.

But why does it need a crisis for companies to change

The current global crisis has forced thousands of companies to switch to a digital first working model – almost overnight. This dramatic rate of change, while painful, is by no means serendipitous. Most companies have had, over the past decade, provided most of their employees with the pre-requisite tools to work from home, but neither employees nor leaders in these companies found the will to make the switch to what is arguably a more efficient way of working – until now.

Most organisations have gone digital overnight. They could have done it at anytime but didn’t have the will to do so.

It is not just global crises that make companies succumb to change. Any form of existentialist threat seems to be a great enabler for both leaders and employees to shift gears in a company.

Isn’t it interesting how it can take a crisis to drive change

So why do companies need a crisis to change for the better? Is complacency the root of all problems? Or the impact of the iceberg? Or is Darth Vader to blame – death blow to any strategy? Ot “just” resistance to change?

Change is an investment in the future fitness of the business, and like anything worthwhile, it takes time and commitment.

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