The 3 Cs of marketing disruption – Marketing strategy

The 3 Cs of marketing disruption – Marketing strategy

3 Cs of marketing disruption

The 3 Cs of marketing disruption – How the age of disruption is affecting marketing

The new reality of the changing marketing landscape

Disruption has become a blanket term to encapsulate the massive changes affecting businesses. The pace of change means that no industry is safe from potential disruption, and marketers will need to be ready to respond.

Technology has always changed how marketing works:

  • The printing press enabled marketing channels of newspapers, magazines and direct mail
  • Broadcast technologies of radio and television enabled real-time communications on a mass scale, made new forms of news and entertainment possible and created environments for brand storytelling
  • PCs and the Internet ushered in the digital age and enabled customers to search out information on their own terms and connect directly with brands content and commerce capabilities directly
  • Customer empowerment was significantly advanced by mobile technology and social media, which enabled anytime, anywhere access to valuable information including the opinions of friends and like-minded buyers (WOM)

What is different today is the unprecedented rate of change. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and have already “killed” the traditional marketing funnel.

Say goodbye to the marketing funnel - It has been replaced by 3S - Social, Search, Sale

The impact of technology on marketing cannot be overstated:

3 Cs of marketing disruption

Content, Complexity, and Connected and empowered consumers


The 3 Cs of marketing disruption - Marketing challenges

3 Cs of marketing disruption:

  • Content – companies need to develop and generate content to communicate with customers wherever they are on whatever device they’re using at any stage of their decision journey
  • Complexity – the multiplicity of channels and the surge of data that has created huge opportunities to better understand and connect with customers
  • Connected and empowered consumers – the power of the consumer to direct brands, shape perceptions and make demands on brands

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