New business models will emerge – Peer-to-peer task

New business models will emerge – Peer-to-peer task

Peer-to-peer task

Collaborative consumption – shared economy – have already disrupted outdated modes of business. From social lending, peer-to-peer hotels and car sharing, collaborative consumption is reinventing not just what we consume but how we consume.

But it have also created demand for product and services that didn’t exist before: TaskRabbit is a good example of that.

Connecting a community – Peer-to-peer task

The easiest way to explain TaskRabbit isneighbors helping neighbors. A technologically innovative company connecting a community in real-time via social, location based, and mobile components, which one could call a “Service Network.”

Life moves fast these days, so fast that sometimes the little day-to-day tasks begin to fall by the wayside. Luckily, TaskRabbit has developed an innovative way for urbanites to get their chores and tasks done quickly and easily by enlisting the help of local “TaskRabbits.”


New business models will emerge – Peer-to-peer task

TaskRabbit is a Web and mobile marketplace where people can go to outsource small jobs and tasks to people in their community. TaskRabbit can help with nearly anything – laundry, grocery shopping, IKEA furniture assembly or blog design.

All a person has to do is post the thing they need done (a Task) and a background-checked and fully-vetted TaskRabbit in their neighborhood will do it for them.

See how the service works:


According to the site, “each and every TaskRabbit goes through a multiple step application process which includes an essay, video interviews and a background check before being selected to run tasks.”

So what kinds of tasks are people posting on TaskRabbit? Some of the more popular tasks include: delivery, house chores, office work and handyman jobs. Other tasks include yard work, graphic design, pet care and tutoring.


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