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High levels of employee disengagement and under engagement

An employee of GE once said to Jack Welch:

You have paid for my hands for 24 years, but you could have had my brain for free

So even the most successful companies fails to engage all employees.

According to a recent survey on employee engagement in the US workforce from Modern Survey, it seems that only 10% of US employees feel they are fully engaged in the company they work for. 24% are “moderately engaged”, 30% feel they are “disengaged” and a staggering 37% are “under engaged”.

Modern Survey isn’t the first firm to report low engagement numbers – Gallup,Blessing White along with others have all found low engagement rates within organizations.

With such high levels of disengagement and under engagement, it’s clear that an enormous amount of performance potential is left untapped or underutilized by many organizations operating in the U.S.

Employee engagement is essential to a company’s performance. There are extensive studies showing that organizations with high employee engagement significantly increase their odds of above average performance across their businesses.

Companies that understand and implement employee engagement as a core strategy are those companies whose employees will be more profitable, more customer-focused, more motivated to succeed and less likely to leave the organization.


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