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Disruptive change forcing bricks and mortar to charge fees

Disruptive change is sweeping bricks and mortar and many stores suffer from “browsers” – consumers who visit shops to compare goods, only to return home to buy their goods online at lower prices.

It’s really incredible how many strange strategies legacy companies come up with in trying to compete with the internet. Rather than increasing their own value and figuring out ways to leverage that value, they often go in the other direction and make the experience worse.


Disruptive change forcing bricks and mortar to charge fees

This story originally got attention via Reddit, and it appears the store is called Celiac Supplies, and is a “gluten free grocery store.”


Disruptive change forcing bricks and mortar to charge fees - 2


Why implement a policy that will obviously be unpopular among customers? Celiac Supplies goes on to explain that the new policy is meant to fight individuals who “use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere.”

“This policy is in line with many other clothing, shoe and electronic stores who are also facing the same issue,” the sign concludes.

The issue that the Australian gluten free grocery store is facing is not one that hasn’t touched other business as well.

But this is the exact wrong response. Rather than showing ways to add more value to the customer experience so they want to come in, they’re taking away value and giving customers reasons to never go in in the first place.

In fact, this seems to be screaming out “hey, you get better deals online and we know it!”

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