The Simpsons was creating disruption

The Simpsons was creating disruption

The Simpsons was creating disruption as the first cartoon created for adults

Before Uber, Airbnb and Netflix, The Simpsons was creating disruption as the first cartoon created for adults, on prime time.

Sure, there were plenty of primetime animated series before The Simpsons, but they were few. The Flintstones was the first significant animated comedy to air in primetime, debuting on ABC in 1960.

After it went off the air in 1966, there wasn’t another one until another Hanna-Barbera series, Wait Till Your Father Comes Home, which aired in syndication from 1972 to 1974 and didn’t have an indelible impact upon the TV landscape like its predecessor (Flintstones) or successor (Simpsons) did.

The first of more than 600 episodes of The Simpsons aired in december 1989 and was created by Matt Groening.

From TV to OTT service – Disruption continuous

For decades, Groening has been turning out satirical looks at modern society through his various comics and animated series.

Now Groening has been commissioned by Netflix, OTT service, to create 20 episodes of the adult-themed animated comedy, called Disenchantment. According to Netflix viewers can expect more of Groening’s brand of edgy humour as they follow the misadventures of the trio alongside ogres, sprites, trolls and lots of human fools.

Everything is changing at a faster pace than ever before – technology, business … just name it.

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