Marketing in the digital age – How is social media impacting marketing

Marketing in the digital age – How is social media impacting marketing

Marketing in the digital age - How is social media impacting marketing

How is social media impacting marketing?

Social media and social networking are no longer in their infancy. Social media continues to grow rapidly, offering global consumers new and meaningful ways to engage with the people, events and brands that matter to them.

The recent proliferation of mobile devices and connectivity helped fuel the continued growth of social media. While the computer remains as the predominant device for social media access, consumers’ time spent with social media on mobile apps and the mobile web has increased significantly.

These trends will continue to have an impact on traditional marketing:

Social word of mouth

Word-of-mouth and social media are significant forces in the consumer marketplace. Word-of-mouth is the most trusted source of information for consumers around the world according to many studies and there is now measurable proof that social voice drives product sales both directly and indirectly. Social media enables consumers to generate and tap into the opinions of an exponentially larger universe

Hyper-informed consumers

Social media is transforming the way that consumers across the globe make purchase decisions. They are using social media to learn about other consumers’ experiences, find more information about brands, products and services, and to find deals and purchase incentives.

They’re getting more and more savvy. They know that someone, somewhere has got what they want at a price they are happy to pay for. More and more of them know where and how to get the information they want at the exact time that they need them. Thus they are quick to dismiss messages that are irrelevant to their current train of thought.

Consumer loyalty, is a thing of the past

Achieving genuine and lasting customer loyalty is the foremost challenge facing digital marketers. True, it’s always been the challenge, but after the digital landgrab of recent years the stakes are higher than ever. The high degree of customer loyalty which was normal in the “good old days” is now just a pleasant memory of times gone by. Now customer loyalty is disappearing in a hurry and it is not going to be solved through expensive loyalty programs.

The era of H2H – Human-to-Human

In today’s highly technological world where information is at consumers fingertips via the internet, online reputation is a very important factor that can and will help a business grow or affect it negatively. The future belongs to companies that have a centric customer focused corporate culture that ultimate leads to “The trusted company”.

Marketing in the digital age - Human to Human H2H

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