Massive change is coming – Disruption is on its way

Massive change is coming – Disruption is on its way
Corporate change under pressure

Massive disruption is coming, and the only question is whether your company is going to cause it or fall victim to it. Incremental change does not disrupt an industry but radical change does:

  • Online movie rental websites such as NetFlix have been eroding Blockbuster revenue streams, as more and more people opt out for online movie rentals
  • eBooks have ravaged the publishing business. Did Borders end up in bankruptcy due to eBooks?
  • Collaborative consumption have started to disrupt traditional business models
  • Instagram was bought by Facebook for approximately $1 billion. 4 months before that Kodak filed for bankruptcy

Will the marine navigation industry be the next victim?

Smartphones and tablets create numerous opportunities to identify new processes and business models. More and more customers are replacing there expensive – $400 – $600 – marine navigation unit with a $20 iPad app that works better.

Massive change is coming - Disruption is on its way

So the time has come to ask the question:

What problem are we trying to solve for the customer, and how do these disruptive forces create opportunities for us to solve it in a far more efficient manner?

Companies that do the same old things, make only incremental changes, and demonstrate “me-too” thinking will get left behind in today’s rapidly changing, hyper-competitive, disruptive world.

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