Sharing economy – Yours, mine – no matter: sharing instead of owning

Sharing economy – Yours, mine – no matter: sharing instead of owning
The sharing economy - fish

Humans have been bartering and swapping goods since cavemen loaned out the first thigh bone. But the internet has kicked sharing to new heights. The explosion of peer-to-peer networks – think AirbnbLending Club – has folded a business model around the simple sandbox notion of communal services and stuff.

Do you give a fun tour of your hometown? Offer your services directly, on Got some land a wannabe farmer could use? hooks you both up. converts your garage to a commodity. Bikes, books, and art are swapped, loaned, and otherwise redistributed in manners counter to the traditional marketplace.

Yours, mine – no matter: sharing instead of owning

Previously, Germany was a divided country. Nowadays, young Germans are a people that share – shared cars, homes or designer clothes. The status icons of the past have become simple commodities. The younger generation no longer needs the property to be happy – it only needs someone who gives his property: Deins, meins – egal: Teilen statt besitzen (German – Spiegel Online)

The new model of consumer relationship

The new model of consumer relationship – sharing instead of owning – emerges at the intersection of online social networking, mobile technology and the social movement that comes as a response to the reduction in purchasing power. The rise of the collaborative economy is driven and enabled by the market forces that are converging now. As these trends accelerate, so too will the sharing economy.

What will be the impact on traditional business models?

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