Social media as a crisis communication

Social media as a crisis communication
Social media as a crisis communication

Icelandic volcano eruption

During the Icelandic volcano eruption call centers couldn’t handle that many requests. There were a need for alternative methods so more and more airlines turned to social media as a crisis communication tool.

KLM published a video message from CEO & President on Facebook and added an Q&A tab to the Facebook page:

KLM Facebook - Icelandic volcano eruption

The most effective tweets and status updates read like newspaper headlines: clear, concise and timely. KLM was particularly good at this, using Twitter to send out frequent updates filled with re-booking tips, location-specific information, and links to more detailed content.

Lufthansa used Twitter to reduce call volume by promoting self-services:

Lufthansa Twitter - Icelandic volcano eruption

And Lufthansa posted proactive:

Lufthansa Facebook - Icelandic volcano eruption

SAS Scandinavian used their Facebook Page to address every single wall post and that way turned it into a full-scale customer service strategy:

SAS Facebook Icelandic volcano eruption

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