Get customer feedback through virtual panels

Get customer feedback through virtual panels

Interact with customers

No matter how you interact with customers, take the feedback as constructive criticism that can help you determine your company’s future.

A brand that had the ability to embrace criticism as well as praise was Domino’s pizza. Instead of cowering in shame or responding angrily to negative online reviews and comments about their products, Dominos pizza met the criticism head on –  “Oh yes we did – The Pizza Turnaround“.

Dell recently held its first “Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) Days“. Customers from across the United States attended the events over two days. Conversations and interactive panels took place in front of the eager ears of many Dell employees across various groups of the business, to hear firsthand what the attendees think of the brand overall, the products and the customer service.

A good replacements for focus groups – but less effective than in-person ones – is virtual panels.

Pssst is General Mills’ online testing ground for new products. The company sends participants coupons and free products to try, and in return they are asked to fill out surveys. The program is so successful that bloggers who write about saving money are gladly turning others onto joining Pssst.

Similarly, the Starbucks Passion Panel was designed to get customer feedback – for better or worse. The community of Starbucks drinkers gives their input via surveys and forums.

Wal-Mart’s Elevenmoms platform is another example of how a mix of online community, shopper experience and in-person visits can work together to help the company gather new insights.

Walmart - Get customer feedback through virtual panels

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