Top 10 toxic business phrases – organizational roadblocks

Top 10 toxic business phrases – organizational roadblocks

toxic business phrases

What are the most toxic business phrases

– Top 10 continuous improvement killer – organizational roadblocks

Are you wondering why many organization’s continuous improvement initiatives aren’t working? In many cases, the organizational culture is the roadblock that impede continuous improvement programs.

Is your corporate culture ready for a continuous improvement program? Many executives would have to say no. In the wrong environment, these ever-popular, costly programs are a waste of resources.

Continuous improvement killer - 10 toxic business phrases

How to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement

Four conditions must exist:

  • People must have a rational understanding of how small improvements compound to make big differences.
  • They must love improving – both because they are passionate about the importance of their work and because it feels so good to move to a new level of performance
  • Be willing to challenge “the way things are done” – challenging the status quo
  • And they must have enough confidence in their colleagues to believe that the organization is capable of making progress.

Keep reminding the organization how capable it is

Don’t forget to celebrate performance improvement. Taking the time to celebrate is important because it acknowledges people’s hard work, boosts morale and keeps up the momentum.

What toxic business phrases are missing?

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Torben Rick
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How’s about

We have had Mckinsey/Bain/BCG etc here last year and nothing came of it … so what on earth can you do?


Keep talking – this happens every two years – there is never any follow through


What is it you guys get our bosses to smoke?


The KPMG/Deloitte/E&Y/Pwc report is in the folder there …..

Torben Rick

Thanks Andrew – What about: “It’s not my problem” or “We tried that ages ago …it didn’t …” or “That won’t work here”

How about. “We have to change the culture around here.” ? To me that is someone who tells everyone they are on a diet with the secret hope that they will be shamed and policed into discipline by the world around them. They actually don’t believe it can happen.

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