Capture complaints through social media

Capture complaints through social media
Social media has shifted the balance of power

Capture complaints through social media

It’s no secret that customers around the world are using social media voicing their opinions about brands they like (or dislike). That’s why more and more companies are turning to Twitter to help customers resolve issues in a timely manner.

American Express is just one of the companies that uses the internet to head off problems posted online:

We have a very involved system, so there’s a ton of technology that exists today that enables us to catch the key phrases, be it ‘Amex,’ or ‘American Express,’ or ‘Card,’ or ‘gold card,’ ‘green card,’ that gets pinged to us,” said Leslie Berland, American Express vice president of social media.

Posting an issue online could net customers a faster and perhaps more satisfying result:

It’s more than service, it’s actually public relations and marketing,” Berland said. “And I think in today’s environment, companies no longer own their brands; the people do.



Dell has long been an active participant in social media and continually pushes the boundaries of social business by introducing engagement into all areas of their business practice. What started out as basic monitoring and reputation management has turned into a way of doing business that permeates through every department.

Rather than try to sweep these unhappy customers under the rug, look at them as a challenge and an opportunity to improve your brand and leverage them for some publicity.


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