In a time where people can check customer experience easily

In a time where people can check customer experience easily

In a time where people can check customer experience easily

Customer experience is becoming an important business differentiator

We’re living in the digital equivalent of the Big Bang. Consumer technologies and behaviors – from in-store price checks on smart phones to social searching for products – are making digital the primary way customers interact with brands.

Third-party gateways such as social media platforms, search or price comparison sites have separated brands from their customers. Even worse, the rise in price checking behavior has created the risk that brands become less relevant as products become commoditized.

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In a time where people can check prices easily and use all sorts of third party platforms to research products, customer experience is becoming an important business differentiator.

In fact, customer experience is both table stakes and an important point of differentiation. Amazon has changed the digital game so fundamentally that it continues to set and re-set customer’s expectations of what a great buying experience is, either through ease of use, selection, return policies, loyalty programs, etc. There’s no point in declaring the truism that Amazon has an advantage here because it’s a digital only company because the fact is that the customer is right and you need to meet those higher expectations. And if you don’t, your customers will click – or walk – away.

Customer experience is a differentiator

Customer experience is also a differentiator because, once you get the basics right, you need to move into the realm of “customer wow.” That’s the kind of experience that customers really take notice of, and tell their friends about.

It’s the kind of experience such as when a customer is in a store and wants an item that’s out of stock, only to find out that s/he can order it and have it delivered to their doorstep; or when a customer can tap their phone against a product to learn more about it and order it; or when a passenger who is a frequent social media user arrives at the gate and finds out s/he has been upgraded for free. That’s “customer wow.”

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.  It is what the client or customer gets out of it – Peter Drucker

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