The traditional marketing model has been flipped on its head

The traditional marketing model has been flipped on its head

Consumers have all the control now

The traditional marketing model has been flipped on its head, and buyers have all the control now. They took control when information became ubiquitous on the Web.

No longer dependent upon marketing for information on trends or new ways to solve problems, and equally no longer dependent on sales to navigate the pros and cons of solutions they were considering – buyers threw off the shackles and rewrote the rules.

Instead of pounding on deaf ears with all sorts of creative marketing and sales development campaigns to “drive leads” – marketing and sales should focus on building preference

Today, buyers engage in a self-directed, trust-based, social purchase process for everything from commodities to software and trains.

They no longer buy products or solutions – they purchase outcomes. With their new-found freedom, they have redefined vendor relationships and interaction expectations. They are fully in control and know it.

That means that marketing needs to dramatically shift its focus – it requires a mindset shift.

Reputation and trust matters more than ever

That means companies need to get inside the minds of their prospects and understand their world. It means that they need to provide them with information that helps them better understand their own world. It means they have to deliver them value, and they need to start now, because “preference … is built over time.

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In today’s highly technological world where information is at consumers fingertips via the internet, online reputation is a very important factor that can and will help a business grow or affect it negatively.

Marketing new role is to support the journey towards “The Trusted Company”


The traditional marketing model has been flipped on its head


Traditional marketing may be dead, but the new possibilities of peer influence-based, community-oriented marketing, hold much greater promise for creating sustained growth through authentic customer relationships.


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