Change Management
Infographic: Top 10 ways social media can facilitate change management

Today’s world is moving at an ever increasing pace. New technologies, opportunities, threats all force companies to have the ability to be able to change rapidly in order to stay competitive and survive in increasingly harder business climates.

Social media can play a vital role in how a company goes about its change management decisions – it can be an important “vehicle” to facilitate better and faster change management.

How can social media can facilitate change management:


Top 10 ways social media can facilitate change management

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Raffaele Vincenti

November 11, 2013 5:24 pm

A really interesting work Torben!

The infographic is clear and effective for a quick understanding of the topic.

You’re right: the Social Media and Web 2.0 form a indispensable foundation for Change Management.

Thinking about the potential of these “tools” we realize the always wider gap the companies with an outdated organizational culture have to fill to reach effectiveness and performance in an continuously changing context. The use (or not) of the Web 2.0 services is an important indicator of the company culture. These services can give a dramatic improvement in the human and organizational potential that can be released into the marketplace.

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