Internal change management communication

Internal change management communication
Internal communication an important part of any change management process

Internal change management communication

People in the organization may need to hear a message over and over before they believe that this time, the call for change is not just a whim or a passing fancy.

It takes time for people to hear, understand, and believe the message. And if they don‘t particularly like what they hear, then it takes even more time for them to come to terms with the concept of change. That’s way management need to tell a compelling change story that motivate employees – again and again.

change management questions to consider

Seven basic change management questions to consider

Have they heard the message? Do they believe it? Do they know what it means?

Have they heard the message? Do they believe it? Do they know what it means? Have they interpreted it for themselves, and have they internalized it? Until managers have listened, watched, and talked enough to know that the answer to all these questions is yes, they haven‘t communicated at all.

So better make sure that the internal communication is on the top of the agenda:

  • Is internal communication just as intriguing as external communication toward the customers?
  • Have we planned internal marketing as a process involving all managers and staff and not merely as one-way communication?
  • Have we been creative and unconventional in our choice of internal marketing measures?
  • Have we taken into account that we need to render visible the results and give positive feedback to the organization?
  • Have we considered what may prevent internal marketing from becoming a success?
  • Are you yourself looking forward to being employed with your company in the year to come?

When it comes to change, people don‘t believe in a new direction because they suspend their disbelief. They believe because they‘re actually seeing behaviour, action, and results that lead them to conclude that the program works.

Change management mistakes to avoid


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  1. Ian Pratt 4 years ago

    Excellent. Repeating the same messages over and over is critical when managing change or even just for day to day leadership

  2. Montse Carrera 4 years ago

    Building on it,

    consistency on the message from key Managers is what makes it being strong for the organization.
    People is willing (and some times even thought exited) to support change management provided they see Leaders acting accordingly.
    It is not only negativism but also Leaders passivity what makes not sustainable the change.

    therefore challenge is: how to change leaders passivity?

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