Top 10 ways social media can facilitate change management

Top 10 ways social media can facilitate change management

Posted by Torben Rick | August 4, 2015 | Change Management

Mastering the art of changing quickly is now a critical competitive advantage

Today’s world is moving at an ever increasing pace. New technologies, opportunities, threats all force companies to have the ability to be able to change rapidly in order to stay competitive and survive in increasingly harder business climates.

Considered social media as a change management channel

While companies have been obsessing about how to use digital to improve their customer-facing businesses, the application of digital tools to promote and accelerate internal change has received far less scrutiny.

Change management meets social media

Social media can play a vital role in how a company goes about its change management decisions – it can be an important “vehicle” to facilitate better and faster change management:

  • Internal social media can help flatten the organization and drive transparent dialogue across levels, functions, and geographies
  • Internal social networks help companies engage people in defining the go-forward plan by asking for smart ideas that can be put to use to support the transformation
  • Transitions often require a corresponding change in employee behavior, whether it’s adopting a new set of values as part of a cultural evolution or working differently to support a new leader’s vision for the company. Social media and internal apps offer leaders and employees a way to recognize and reward each other

How can social media can facilitate change management

Digital tools and platforms offer a powerful new way to accelerate and amplify the ability of an organization to change.

Top 10 ways social media can facilitate change management

Social media is a powerful change management tool

Social media alone won’t lead to greater employee engagement during change. Face-to-face communication, manager support, and real-time coaching are all critical to preserving trust and boosting morale and performance in times of change. But social media is fast becoming an indispensable supplement.

Inviting employees to take part in conversations early in the change process can help preempt negative commentary, both internally and externally.

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