Engaging employees through Pinterest

Engaging employees through Pinterest
Facebook used as online movement against companies. Facebook used as online movement against companies

Using Pinterest to engage with employees

Pinterest continues to gain in popularity, and now it seems that more and more companies are using it to engage with their employees.

There are various ways companies can – and already do – leverage Pinterest to engage with employees and allow employees to engage with each other to provide a glimpse into their company’s culture – sharing pictures from corporate events, snapshots of team lunches or snack breaks, articles and tips on how to improve certain skills and funny or motivational quotes relevant to their job.

Marketing and communications agency Red Door Interactive launched a Pinterest project that encourages staff members to contribute ideas and inspiration for its new office. The board, titled “San Diego Office Inspiration,” encourages staff member contributors to pin interior design, architectural and decor ideas for the company’s upcoming move.

Using Pinterest to engage with employees

But this is not the only company encouraging their employees to get involved via Pinterest:

  • Rocket Clicks – pay-per-click advertising firm Rocket Clicks created a simple get-to-know-you board for introducing staff
  • Synergy – “Employee Lounge” board shares company events and staff announcements, like new babies and fun vacation photos

What better way to promote your company’s culture than a place (i.e. Pinterest) where real employees can share a “behind-the-scenes” peek at what’s really going on? As long as one employee took ownership of publishing content on the board(s), any employee could submit photos or videos.

Employee engagement on Pinterest is still in its early stages. How do you think companies could leverage Pinterest to engage employees?

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