Some companies get social media right

Some companies get social media right
Value creation

There is no doubt there are plenty of companies that don’t get social media right.

But as an example of a company/brand that most assuredly “gets it” when it comes to social media, is KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. KLM is more dedicated than many other companies to use social media and social technologies to add relevancy and meaningfulness to the lives of its customers.

Nowadays, digital and social branding means that consumers are more critical towards too many overpromising ads. Modern consumers are digital dictators that expects companies to add meaningfulness to their lives as well.

During the unprecedented ash crisis in Europe KLM used social media quit actively to inform about an ongoing situation and they used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a crisis communication channel.

Then they used sociale media to surprise their passengers with personalized gifts based on their social networking profiles – spreading a little happiness amongst some of their customers.

Meet & Seat

And now KLM has set up a feature called “Meet & Seat”, which allows customers to see which passengers is on their flight that they might like to connect with. Facebook and LinkedIn users can now meet interesting passengers on their flight. Check the video below:


Where most companies are on a tactical level, chasing social channels just to reach people with their social ads, KLM is taking the strategic approach, taking social way beyond advertising.

It’s a fascinating concept and one that could lead to similar programs being adopted not just by other airlines but other industries–cruise lines, for example.

Some companies get social media right

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