Take customer experience seriously

Take customer experience seriously

Wake-Up – Take customer experience seriously

Wake-Up – Take customer experience seriously!

Not so long ago, every business assumed that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for money, and the best customer service. But now it’s all about providing the best “customer experience.” But what exactly is customer experience?

An article in the Harvard Business Review “The truth about customer experience” defines it as customer’s end-to-end journey with a company, not just the key touchpoints or critical moments when customers interact with the organization.

The advent of social media and real-time interactive feedback via the Internet allows every customer to build and expect a relationship a company, rather than just touchpoints

Customer experience is the cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints over time, which result in a real relationship feeling, or lack of it.

Customer experience is what builds trust

Customer experience is what builds trust, advocates brand loyalty, and ensures long term customer retention. Most companies, sadly, don’t focus on customer experience. Therefore, it’s no wonder their customers don’t build loyalty … and leave.

Management often believes that a customer-centric strategy is “common sense.” The fact is that customer experience strategies is not common sense. If indeed they were, most companies would be implementing them, rather than hemorrhaging customers.

Despite the economic crisis, the rise of the “Social Customer” and the popularity of customer engagement strategies through social media, to many companies put in a lot more effort to ensure the company does not get bad press, or negative “buzz” in stead of providing a better then expected customer experience.

Many companies should start taking their discipline a lot more serious than they are doing today.

The importance of customer experience

Here are some statistics to help shed light on why the customer experience can no longer be ignored:


Take customer experience seriously - The importance of customer experience

Take customer experience seriously – The importance of customer experience

No longer an optional business initiative

Build better customer relationships is no longer an optional business initiative. With increased access to information, competition and real-time opinions from other customers, providing an exceptional customer experience is a key piece of running a successful business.


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The day I saw this post, can’t recall exactly where, perhaps on BizSugar, I took the url of this post and pasted in word document, because I love marketing, because I believe marketing is the function of business and because I love facts. The post is truly a wake up call, but I didn’t paste it because it was in cool infographic, like I said I love marketing and facts so I saved it to dig further, to read more about these facts presented in the infographic.

I am really disappointed in that regard, I was really hoping to find link or something that would help me to explore the study presented in the inforgraphic further, I would really appreciate your help in that regard, hopefully.

Again thanks for sharing but I am still “not quite satisfied” 😉 take care, I will check in soon, hope I will get what I am hoping for.



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