Changing change management – The power of digital

Changing change management – The power of digital

Drive change

The pace of change keeps accelerating

More and more companies are trying to make a fundamental change in the way they operate. For years, many companies struggled with growing competition by introducing improvements into every function and process.

Change is inevitable, continual and is becoming the defining characteristic of the modern business

But the competitive pressures keep on getting worse, the pace of change keeps accelerating and companies keep pouring executive energy into the search for ever higher levels of quality, service, and overall business agility. The treadmill moves faster, companies work harder, results improve slowly or not at all.

In many cases change methodologies are stuck in a pre-digital era. It’s high time to start catching up.

Changing change management – The power of digital to drive change

While traditional workshops and training courses have their place, they are not effective at scale and are slow moving.

Digital is more than an approach, it’s a strategy for change management

To build faster more effective support some of the new digital tools and techniques can be applied with great effectiveness to change management techniques within an organization. These include:

  • Provide the right information at the right time so that the employee can act on it
  • To demonstrate how each employee has a role to play to effect the change
  • To connect employees so that they can share relevant information
  • To build a community approach so that employees are committed to the change
  • To demonstrate success.

These elements are essential to the success of any change initiative within organizations.

Social media and change management

Changing change management - The power of digital

A powerful new way to accelerate and amplify organizational change

Applying new digital tools can make change more meaningful – both for the individuals who are experiencing it and for those who are implementing it. Digital tools and platforms, if correctly applied, offer a powerful new way to accelerate and amplify the ability of an organization to change.

The advent of digital change tools comes at just the right time. Organizations today must simultaneously deliver rapid results and sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment.

They are being forced to adapt and change to an unprecedented degree: leaders have to make decisions more quickly; managers have to react more rapidly to opportunities and threats; employees on the front line have to be more flexible and collaborative. Mastering the art of changing quickly is now a critical competitive advantage.

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About The Author

Torben Rick

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management. International experience from management positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom

Blog Comments

Hi Torben Rick!

Great piece on change management.

Using social media indeed can help, I personally use it all the time to communicate, share new developments in offline market and marketspace plus new changes on the inside and true that, it does makes my team more engaged and more open to accepting new challenges.

Second great thing is, we often take in customers in the chat esp on facebook, where they become part of the open innovation, where we and our valued customers share ideas, povs regarding our products/services which give us a rare but a rich insight in to market and that helps us a lot… to be honest we have been getting more WOMM when we started taking our customers onboard with us on social media which actually did help our sales a lot, quite a lot actually…

Lastly I have printed the inforgraphic and have put right in the middle of notice board and shared link with my team, keep the good work up, we need Gurus like you to make our job easy for us in this highly dynamic complex market environment

Thank You!.

Dear Torben, thanks again for your effort to write and share this article, I strongly agree to your suggestions.

In my opinion the topic of organisational change should be extended into company wide innovation. As a change strategy upcoming strong brands like Tesla, Uber, Alibaba, Airbnb, Netflix and so on show us that if a company desires to have a future at all they should start to innovate right now! If you want to be put out of business continue your business as usual. Even Apple is catching serious blows to the head of their core business sales and billions of dollars are vaporising like water on a hot day. Change is around 24/7 and we need to anticipate to it in smart and creative ways.

In Holland due to a series of earthquakes the production of natural gas is decreased dramatically to safe lives, houses and possessions. What will it mean in the near future? First gas pricing will become higher and higher (shortage always will increase the price ratings). Second we will become way more depending to Ukraine and Russia for natural gas because most of the Dutch house holds and businesses are operating on natural gas. This means a very delicate situation since there is a lot of tension between Holland and Russia due to the take down of Dutch flight MH-17 over Ukraine by Russian troops fighting for The Krim area, murdering all passengers and staff. And at some point Holland will stop producing natural gas. All these steps will mean very big change.

Another point is the fact that Western European governments decided that within the time frame of 2025-2035 all new cars hitting the road got to be electrical powered and Tesla and other innovators are disrupting conventional car building big time. So the need for clean and renewable energy alternatives is very high and the need for fossil fuels is dramatically decreasing. Big Oil and Gas companies will loose their market leadership fast.

And a third point out of many is how big data and robotics are changing the way enterprises can produce a lot of work which up to know was done by human hands and brains but more and more will be automated. While banks can loan billions for zero percentage of interest they are charging interest to their clients. Lawyers, accountants and Managers are doing jobs for incredible high fee’s but more and more the jobs can be done faster and better for way lesser money when IT is brought in and businesses are working more and more agile and in squads, eliminating middle management.

So big change is around indeed and you better innovate for real or prepare to vanish.

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