Proud employees foster engagement

Proud employees foster engagement
Proud employees foster engagement

How motivation is driven by purpose

While people expect fair pay for their services, we all know that money isn’t king. Nevertheless, when it comes to business many leaders all too often act as if it were.

Many leaders think purely in terms of salaries, bonuses, and people’s positions on the org chart. While they pay lip-service to the idea that people may have non-financial motivation for their work – acknowledgement, appreciation, pride in accomplishment, enjoyment and so forth – they spend all there time working out how to incentivize there workforce with financial rewards.

Proud employees foster engagement

Have look that this great video “How motivation is driven by purpose – and not monetary incentives”:


By far the best way to motivate your employees is to find ways that they can take pride in their skills and their knowledge, of their jobs, their performance and their organization.

No employee will be an effective advocate if he or she doesn’t feel pride.


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