5 inspirational social media campaign videos

5 inspirational social media campaign videos

There really has been a huge rise in social media videos and it seems that every brand makes a video to highlight the great work they have been doing. Not only are social media videos great to show off the work you are doing internally within the company but they also are starting to take on their own life with coverage for the best ones on blogs and websites.

Some of these are big budget campaigns but there are also smaller simple campaigns where the idea is the star and hopefully you’ll be able to take some inspiration.

Your delft blue portrait on a real KLM plane!

During the unprecedented ash crisis in Europe KLM used social media quit actively to inform about an ongoing situation. They used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a crisis communication channel. They have also used social media to spread a little happiness amongst some of their customers.

The latest one tapped in to Dutch culture by allowing you to customize your own photos on Facebook and then have them added to a giant plane.


Ben & Jerry’s – Fair tweets

Ben & Jerry’s launched a social campaign highlighting the importance of World Fair Trade Day. Called “Fair Tweets“, the campaign leverages your unused twitter characters as messages, hash tags and links to help promote World Fair Trade Day… And depending on how many characters you have spare in each tweet, the Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets app automatically generates a relevant message to fill that space, and is then posted with each of your tweets!


Renault connects Facebook to the AutoRAI with RFID

Sharing your offline experience directly with your online friends. Renault made it possible. By bringing the world of Facebook into the real world of the AutoRAI 2011. For the Amsterdam Motorshow they created an innovative and real-time social sharing experience. At the largest automotive event of The Netherlands, 250.000 visitors could like Renault cars through a RFID Facebook card.

They placed specially made Facebook pillars in front of the Renault cars. By holding their pass in front of these pillars, a connection was made to their profile and the car was being “shared” on their wall. This way their offline car experience had been shared with their online friends.

At the Renault stand, car fans got a free card. With this pass, visitors were able to login to their Facebook profile. Since the pass held a RFID-microchip which stored their username and password, it automatically became their Facebook connect card. Ready to LIKE one of the Renault cars at the AutoRAI.


Volkswagen – Fox no Planeta Terra – Twitter zoom

This is one of the most innovative Twitter campaigns that we have seen as it tapped in to a youth market via a music festival and the race around a Brazilian city to find the hidden tickets via an interactive treasure hunt.

They hided festival tickets across the city and launched a microsite where you could find them by using Google Maps. But, in order to zoom in you had to tweet the #foxatplanetaterra hash tag. The more tweets the more you could zoom in until you could reveal the location of the ticket. Then you just had to run and get it. This went on for four days and four nights.


Augmented reality – Lynx excite angel ambush London Victoria

In Victoria, one of the biggest stations in London, Lynx has made this stunt. The angels from their commercials suddenly fell down from the sky.



Make sure to check out: Impressive interactive video campaign on YouTube


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Really cool examples of companies who have put thought into their campaigns – it obviously pays off to do it well and do it different. Eventhough I favor the twitter campaigns I don’t think the twitter audience in Denmark has enough volumne to pull a campaign like that. Agree?

It has to be the social media video for tequila-flavoured beer brand, Desperados. Great party too!


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