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Battling with change resistance

One of the most baffling and recalcitrant of the problems which business executives face is employee resistance to change.

Even if these resisters are few and far between, they can quickly erode momentum and stop change in its tracks.

How to get people on board:

Hard facts – Use evidence to show that change is necessary and possible. Get your facts from multiple sources and be diligent about details.

Counter-arguments – Know what your opponents are saying and be prepared to acknowledge their concerns and offer a compelling argument for your case.

Big picture – In the short term, change is uncomfortable. Look at the big picture and explain why the change is the right move for the long term.

Repetition and pressure – Stay on message, repeat it over and over again, and apply the necessary pressure to turn the change-averse around. Communication is paramount when it comes to change management.

Make sure that you don’t end up like Bad Schandau:

Each change programme will have to be implemented on its own merits. But there are things we can do to reduce the level of resistance.

Managing change in today’s organizations is not getting any easier. However, doing it well is the new imperative.

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Battling with change resistance


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