A SORTED approach to successful transformational change

A SORTED approach to successful transformational change

A SORTED approach to successful transformational change

How to beat the transformation odds – A SORTED approach to successful transformational change

The ability to drive transformational change – such as moving from good to great performance, cutting costs, or turning around a crisis – is a key source of competitive advantage.

Few organizations have escaped the need for major change in the past decade, as new technologies and global crises have reshaped many industries. However, the fact that change has become more frequent does not make such changes any easier.

Making change happen, and making it stick

S = Situation
O = Options
R = Resources
T = Timescales
E = Embed
D = Deliver

A SORTED approach to successful transformational change

S – Situation

Self knowledge is the first step towards successful transformational change.

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • Why is change necessary?
  • How ready are we to get started?

It is absolutely imperative to start a change initiative by describing both the current situation and the one the company want to realize.

O = Options

Almost never will there be just one thing that can be done to change a situation. In nearly all cases there will be a set of activities that should be undertaken that, together, will realize the change.  Examine all the options and how they can be combined to maximum effect.

R = Resources

Resources need to cover anything that is needed to realize the change, including any CAPEX or OPEX funded resources that may be required.

T = Timescales

Keep the timescales achievable and realistic, with a degree of challenge to encourage continued focus.

E = Embed

Change happens because people make it happen. A failure to recognize this can be the Achilles heel of any change initiative. Embedding change doesn’t start at the end – it starts at the beginning.

Change is, at its core, a people process, and people are creatures of habit, hardwired to resist adopting new mind-sets, practices and behaviors. To achieve and sustain transformational change, companies must embed these mind-sets, practices, and behaviors at every level.

D = Deliver

Transformational change is a process, not an event! Transformation doesn’t happen overnight!

Large transformational change are best broken down into smaller ones with concrete achievable goals. Small wins can have a huge impact on changing organizational culture.

The “whales vs. dolphins” concept involves dividing large projects into a series of short steps or phases – similar to how dolphins breathe. Each step delivers quantifiable benefits and recognizes success.

Change management is a dolphin, not a whale - What have dolphins and whales to do with change management?

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