Organizational culture the business game changer

Organizational culture the business game changer
Organizational culture the business game changer

Organizational culture is today’s major performance differentiator

This is something that has been observed over the years by organizations around the globe and ironically not many take it up seriously. Yes, its organizational culture!

Companies with a weak or broken culture struggle harder and are negatively affected by the deficit. This demonstrates what most leaders know or are learning: Culture is today’s major performance differentiator. Culture creates the foundation for strategy and will either be a company’s greatest asset or largest liability.

Culture is how organizations “do things”

Don’t leave the organizational Pac-Man unattended

Culture is a relentless driver of employee behavior. Left to its own devices, it can potentially limit an organization. But if leaders work to define it, assess it, and understand it, culture can be used as a tangible business lever to directly achieve goals and improve performance. Perhaps most importantly, great company cultures are like great societies – they can expand human potential by empowering people to do exceptional things.

But time and again, companies have gotten caught in the undertow of their cultural norms. Organizations as diverse as Xerox, Kodak, and IBM have launched major change programs only to see their old cultural beliefs fight to reassert themselves. Most organizational cultural evolutions take much longer than most leaders expect.

Organizational culture Pac-Man - Organizational culture the business game changer

Organizational culture the business game changer

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The answer is YES! To strengthen a company’s culture get ready for a time of deep, reflective thinking.

But many senior executives don’t want to talk about organizational culture, preferring to focus on strategies, products or services and results. Better be like IBM’s former CEO Lou Gerstner, who said, “I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game.”

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  1. Greg Krueger 2 years ago

    I saw this graphic posted on LinkedIn and while I agree with the concept, the graphic is wrong which also presents an interesting view. Pac-Man can only eat “ghosts” when they are blue with glowing yellow eyes after eating a “power pellet”. As shown, if Pac-Man were to eat any of the ghosts, Pac-Man would “die.” Change, Growth, Innovation, etc., as shown in the graphic, will all destroy the culture of an organization. There does need to be a balance when change happens or that change can destroy the culture of an organization (and possibly the organization).

  2. Joseph Seiler MCC 2 years ago

    so true, so true. It is not about strategies, products or services and results, per se, but how these are approached that are the culture in action. How, with what underlying motivation and how genuinely, those ‘are the culture’.

    Thanks for the article

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