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The plugin attack against BP

In the wake of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, BP have been under heavy social media attack: boycot movement on Facebook now hovering around 400 thousand fans, BP Public Relations (@BPGlobalPR) – parody account – on Twitter with 134 thousand followers, flash mob attack and the online/offline movement “We´re bringing oil to the American Shores”.

The plugin attack against BP

The plugin attack against BP

And now the Black Oil Firefox plugin that aims to black out all mentions of BP (British Petroleum) across the web. As one popular tweet espouses:

Want BP to [blank] up your browser like they’ve [blank] up the Gulf? Install the Oil Spill Firefox plugin from @jess3

The plugin replaces all mentions (case insensitive) of BP and accompanying terms like BP oil, BP gas, BP worldwide, and so on, with blacked out letters and dripping oil drops.

Images that contain meta data matching the terms are also blacked out (or blued out, as was the case on my machine).

In a future version of the plugin, Jess3 plans to add oil drip effects to BP photographs and to turn official BP websites black and white.

This plugin may not do much to stop the oil, but it’s a way to express anger and outrage over BP.

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