Build a culture that supports strategy implementation

Build a culture that supports strategy implementation

A strategy that is at odds with a company’s culture is doomed

To right an organization headed for trouble, leaders need to build a culture that supports strategy implementation. Give employees a reason to care about customers, their colleagues and about how to do business right in a world that rewards cutting corners and compromising values.

Culture trumps strategy every time – Build a culture that supports strategy

During a transformation/change management/turnaround, don’t focus exclusively on distinguishing the company from the competition, find what brings the company together as a company. It may be values, a vision, or a set of shared emotions. Articulate this sense of unity well and the business will follow.The importance of organisational alignment

Culture is not just something that happens outside of a business

Culture is not just one aspect of the game, it is the game

Business leaders need to be aware that culture is not just something that happens outside of a business. Companies large and small have their own cultures as well.

A culture can happen spontaneously within a company, and managers can learn how to harness its power or be overpowered by it. Managers can also take an active part in shaping an organizational culture, to try to ensure that it benefits the company’s goals and its employees.

The value of an organization will be measured by its capability to change

Changing the organizational culture requires time, commitment, planning and proper execution – but it can be done. Changing culture is a bit like changing the course of a large ship – it takes time to man oeuvre and whilst the engines are pushing one way the tides and winds are pushing another.

Competitive advantage depends on the ability to move quickly, decisively and efficiently in sensing, responding to and exploiting change in the business environment. That is why organizational agility is needed more than ever.

Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together

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Torben Rick

Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management. International experience from management positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom

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To instill a culture within an organisation is fondamental. Like you point out, If it’s not plan and orchestred by the leaders of the company, it will happen spontaneously…

I am compel to express my appreciation of this article because I do believe strongly about implementing innovative culture in organisation for it can be a driven force for everyone’s motivation to reach the goals of the company within well endorsed set of values.

Nice articulation Torben, I agree and in fact culture and subcultures are the interactions and shared values of the people in the organization and show many faces depending of circumstances and counter partners.

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